P12 Editor Alpha V0.26.0.0 Release Note
  • [New] Added Profiler performance monitoring tool: a new "Performance" view is added to the bottom right panel in the editor, displaying performance data and object statistics in edit mode.

  • [New] The original Blocking Area object and related interfaces are deprecated; it is replaced by the Blocking Volume object instead.

  • [Optimization] Post-processing has been moved to world objects and the logic object resources have been removed from the asset library.

  • [New] You can locate files using keyboard shortcuts when searching project content.

  • [New] You can now right-click on objects in the Object Manager to add objects to the priority loading queue.

  • [New] Added guidelines to Mover objects to help visualize motions during editing.

  • [New] Added Motion Type property to movers, which can be set to local or world coordinates.

  • [New] You can now send messages to the chat box.

  • [New] New material editor, you can now preview material effects on models in real-time.

  • [New] Adjusted character capsule position API.

  • [New] Added render layers for effects and world UI.

  • [Optimization] Improved NPC logic object functions.

  • [Optimization] Improved auto backup.

  • [Optimization] World UI is now rendered as Mesh in scenes.

  • [Optimization] Optimized sending custom data types via RPC.

  • [Optimization] Optimized physics properties in the model property panel.

  • [Optimization] Improved asset library download strategy

  • [Optimization] Improved game language localization features

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