TL;DR: We are fundraising 20ETH to scale mutual aid efforts in NYC. We’re a nonprofit focused on building a community for local connection, advocacy, and events in NYC. Funds will go to support team-driven impact and the grassroots organizations, artists, and activists helping us create meaningful content and experiences.

Purchasing an NFT from this campaign gets you:

  • An invite to our launch party
  • Access to NYC-based workshops, events, and activations on our platform
  • A tax deductible receipt upon closing of the fundraiser and receiving funds
  • Early access to our community platform (Q1 2022)

Visit to see our MVP that’s raised over $12K for local, grassroots organizations.


👋 We’re the Pact Collective.

The Pact Collective is a group of comrades, creators, activists, and tech folks shaping the future of community giving and organizing. Entry into our collective starts with a donation commitment (making a pact) to unlock local, curated experiences that connect you deeper with your community and help make it a better place.

We’re building our community with a few principles in mind:

  • We believe in each other. Everyone brings something unique and valuable to the table. We all hold a place in this ecosystem and collectively, are far more powerful than we think. We believe interdependence and connected communities are what will bring us into a prosperous, post-capitalist society.  We place no hierarchy on the dollar amount or pedigree of our members, but rather cherish each gift brought to the table and offer every member a seat.
  • We believe in the gift economy. We are at our best when we live in gratitude and giving. The only true remedy to any of the systems, hardships, and disenfranchisement we face is a rich community and the acknowledgment of our collective power. We’re creating a community platform that redefines an economy not based on owners and workers, or hoarders and have-nots - but one where wealth and resources are shared. Rather than GDP (gross domestic product) we’re optimizing for a universal gross domestic prosperity, where everyone can live safely with their needs met.

“The currency in a gift economy is relationship, which is expressed as gratitude, as interdependence and the ongoing cycles of reciprocity. A gift economy nurtures the community bonds which enhance mutual well-being; the economic unit is “we” rather than “I,” as all flourishing is mutual.” - Robin Wall Kimmerer

  • We believe in shaping the existing world. Many DAO manifestos quote Karl Marx and claim to be using decentralized structures for increasing collective consciousness and equality. However, these DAOs are often sharing in silos, making their resources only accessible to those who can afford their high entry rates. We’re not here to create a commune of the most privileged. We want to change the world we live in, connect with people inside and outside of web 3, and nourish the city we love that has already given us so much - New York City.

Pact is not like other social clubs. We’ll call it a socialist club.

  1. No elitism or fancy galas - but more of what people actually want. Real spaces for real people to gather and share meaningful experiences.
  2. Membership will be tax deductible contributions that go to support a portfolio of local, intersectional organizations (e.g. in NYC - For the Gworls, Queer Detainee Empowerment Project, Audre Lorde Project, to name a few).
  3. Members of the collective are people committed to shaping the future together. Building rich and safe community is integral to our platform, events, & interactions.

👀 Vision

Pact is creating a mutual aid model for DAOs starting with NYC.

The problem: we all want deeper connection with our local communities and to help important causes but we often don’t know where to start. Local community groups are making big strides in effecting bottom-up change but are almost impossible to find online or discover organically.

Pact surfaces opportunities for you to connect with these organizations, your neighbors, and support the causes that move you, right in your neighborhood. We’re bringing people together to shape a more conscious, collective future.

Here’s our plan for solving this initial problem and expanding to create richer communities where members have collective ownership and sway in its future.

0️⃣ Season 0

Community Events 👫 We’ll start with a series of local events to connect New Yorkers to their neighbors in each borough. These events will include music and displays from local organizations, artists, and community leaders to provide ways for people to plug in and get activated.

Nonprofit status🙏 Our nonprofit organization is in the process of securing 501c3 status. We’re waiting for government agency approval but we expect that this will be ready by early 2022 and before the close of our fundraiser.

1️⃣ Season 1

Season 1 will be about growth.

NFT partnerships 🎨 We’re launching this season with a collection of NFT artworks and contributions from diverse artists to support their talents, develop cause-driven education, improve our city, and maintain its diversity and vibrancy.

Product build🛠 We’ll be building a web platform that will onboard cause-driven New Yorkers into a world of collective engagement and action by changing the way they interact in their city. This is our core product layer.

We’re asking them to make a commitment (a pact) to invest in their community and in turn, will help them get closer to it via collective interactions (discussions, volunteering, parties, etc.). Engagement with these events will be the basis for determining token allocation per member.

Community champions💪 We’ll host focus groups with some of the most active members of the platform to expand our offering and give members the opportunity to directly influence the future of the collective.

These influential members and organizations will be given power, pay, and admin access to create content on their own - harnessing the skills they know best.

2️⃣ Season 2

Token allocation system 🪙 Once an active foundation of members are on the platform and processes are in place, we’ll begin our token allocation system. We’ll be gifting tokens to users based on a wide spectrum of engagement on and off the platform. To avoid power being given to the most high net worth members, we will not be gifting tokens solely based on financial contribution amounts.

The working team of Pact will be responsible for gifting tokens but will also be encouraging members to share tokens among members. In early stages, tokens will have very little tangible value but education on the potential use-cases of tokens will be shared with members to allow them to decide whether or not they wish to continue holding.

DAO with governing structure ⚖️ Ultimately, tokens will represent holding in the collective and governing power over the policies, product innovations, community activations, and uses of assets in our treasury.

We’ll follow a tiered approach to looping in members starting with our top 10 then 20 members per geography and then building tools into member Dashboards to scale the governing processes.

Cities 2 & 3 🏬 With your input, we’ll decide which cities to scale our operations to next - recruiting local groups and individuals who know the city best to lead the charge on bringing people together using our tools and processes.

⏳Why buy now?

Each NFT provides access to Pact’s community impact network and marquee events. Join to be on the ground of a movement towards a more collective future in NYC and beyond.

You will also receive $PACT tokens — the engagement mechanism native to Pact. (Disclaimer: The token associated with this crowdfund is purely for fun and engagement, The Pact Collective will not put up a liquidity pool at this point in time.)

You can contribute as much ETH as you'd like above the minimum NFT price. You can also contribute more than once

👯 Team

Marisa Rando - NY-born marketer with experience in fintech, nonprofit, and community building. Marisa has spent the past 3 years working on donation technologies.

Ash Rakshesha - NY living software engineer with a focus in intersectional activism, anti-carbon, and land trusts.

Einxel Reyes - Chicago-based artist creating graphics and illustrations for good.

Renee Millington - Aussie transplant with 8 years experience in the startup world, focussed on growth hacking and dad jokes.

3 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.