TL;DR: We are fundraising 20ETH to create a sustainable mutual aid model in NYC. Funds will go to support grassroots organizations, artists, and activists (who are the leaders of this work) as well as the development of a Web3 platform to support this network.

Purchasing an NFT from this campaign gets you:

  • An invite to our community Discord and events
  • A subscription to our monthly member newsletter
  • Early access to our community platform (Q3 2022)

Visit to see our MVP that’s raised over $12K for local, grassroots organizations.


👋 We’re the Pact Collective.

The Pact Collective is a group of comrades, creatives, activists, and tech folks shaping the future of community giving and organizing. Entry into our collective starts with a donation commitment (making a pact) via this crowdfund or monthly in USD at to unlock local experiences that connect you deeper with NYC and help make it a better place.

We’re building our community with a few principles in mind:

  • We believe in each other. Everyone brings something unique and valuable to the table. We all hold a place in this ecosystem and have far more power as a collective than our individual efforts. We place no hierarchy on the dollar amount or pedigree of our members, but rather cherish each gift brought to the table and offer every member a seat.
  • We believe in the gift economy. Everyone is entitled to a dignified and prosperous life. We’re working to redefine an economy - not based on owners and workers, or hoarders and have-nots - but one where wealth and resources are shared. Rather than GDP (gross domestic product) we’re optimizing for a universal gross domestic prosperity, where everyone can live safely with their needs met.

“The currency in a gift economy is relationship, which is expressed as gratitude, as interdependence and the ongoing cycles of reciprocity. A gift economy nurtures the community bonds which enhance mutual well-being; the economic unit is “we” rather than “I,” as all flourishing is mutual.” - Robin Wall Kimmerer

  • We believe in shaping the existing world. Many DAO manifestos claim to be using decentralized structures for increasing collective consciousness and equality. However, these token-gated DAOs are often sharing in silos, making their resources only accessible to those who can afford their high entry rates. We’re not here to create a commune of the most privileged. We want to change the world we live in, connect with people inside and outside of Web3, and nourish the city we love that has already given us so much - New York City.

Pact is not like other social clubs. We’ll call it a socialist club.

Here are a few things that set us apart from your typical “pay to play” web3 groups:

  1. No elitism or fancy galas - but more of what people actually want. Real spaces for real people to gather and share meaningful experiences.
  2. Membership ‘dues’ will be tax deductible contributions that go to support real world initiatives and serve our community’s most vulnerable (in and outside of the DAO).
  3. Shared values (and not financialized tokens) are at the core of our community. Members of the collective are people committed to shaping a more equitable future together. Building rich and safe community is integral to our work, events, & interactions.

👀 Vision

We believe interdependence and connected communities are what will bring us into a prosperous, post-capitalist society.

The problem: We all want deeper connection with our local communities. We all deserve to feel safe. There are endless opportunities to tap into our network of neighbors for support, but we don’t know how.

Local community groups are making big strides in effecting bottom-up change by serving the most vulnerable with core necessities (food, water, clothing), but these groups are almost nearly impossible to find online or discover organically.

Pact surfaces opportunities for you to connect with these organizations and your neighbors. We’re bringing people together to shape a more collective NYC and create a sustainable mutual aid model for DAOs.

Here’s our plan for solving this initial problem and expanding to create richer communities where members have collective ownership and sway in its future.

0️⃣ Season 0: Planting seeds 🌱 (DONE ✅)

Season 0 was for inviting people to the table to set intentions, build trust, and openly discuss local challenges and opportunities together.

Seats at the table 🪑 Since our Mirror crowdfund launch we've raised over $25K from peer funding, onboarding 40+ new members into our existing community (now over 100 strong). Our crowdfund also landed us some media coverage in CoinDesk.

We've also added 4 new members to our team (see below!), building a strong multi-disciplinary group of contributors that include; web3 educators, community organizers, engineers, producers, graphic designers, and cooperative governance academics. Lastly, we developed relationships with our pilot group of local mutual aid organizations (5 in NYC) by sharing our vision and conducting interviews with them to understand their pain points and areas of opportunity.

Community building👫 Since January 2022 Pact has hosted weekly events with its member community that include local volunteering, meetups, and dinners.

Nonprofit status 🙏 Pact Donation Collective, Inc. is now a registered 501(c)(3) and will be issuing tax deductible receipts for contributions to our initiative.

1️⃣ Season 1: In the streets ✊ (Launches April 2022)

Season 1 will be about serving the most vulnerable in our community in partnership with the mutual aid groups and grassroots organizations that have laid the foundation for this work.

Community coalition 🤝 We’ll be working closely with mutual aid groups to help them sustain and grow their operations. Opportunities include, but are not limited to; increasing donation and volunteer pipelines, managing storage and perishable contributions, partnerships among mutual aid groups, and meeting specific needs of neighborhoods/community members.

Group implementation 💕 IRL impact starts with our tangible communities, and getting our members out into them. We’ll be calling on our members to come participate in our plans for accelerating mutual aid in NYC and hosting events to bring them closer to organizers and neighbors.

We’ll also be piloting a peer-to-peer mutual aid model in our Discord to drive additional donations and volunteers to these groups and expand the philosophies of mutual aid into the broader community. Voting and feedback on this effort will inform our Season 2 product build.

2️⃣ Season 2: In our homes 🏠

Season 2 will be about creating sustainable communities by expanding the spirit of mutual aid to everyday life and emphasizing its mutual aspect.

Product build🛠 We’ll be building a peer-to-peer token-gifting community to bring more New Yorkers into the world of mutual aid by sharing goods, skills, and services with their neighbors. Tokens will not be financialized (not measured by current capital determinations or exchangeable for cash or other tokens).

This effort will include research and feedback from members of varying backgrounds in the community to co-design the best solutions and recruiting for talent to help us build.

Token onboarding 🪙Members of the collective will receive tokens for their past contributions, new members will receive by opting into our network, and underserved members of the community will receive a regular income of tokens (like UBI) to get immediate value from the network.

As we’re getting ready to launch our platform we’ll be looking for partnerships with other DAOs and local figures and institutions to help drive adoption. In future seasons we’ll continue exploring ways we can create self-sustaining communities, and fund grassroots initiatives that can help us combat capitalism.

⏳Why buy now?

Each NFT provides access to Pact’s community impact network. Join to be on the ground of a movement towards a more collective future in NYC and beyond.

You will also receive $PACT tokens but they are purely for fun and engagement within this crowdfund, and The Pact Collective will not put up a liquidity pool at this point in time.)

You can contribute as much ETH as you'd like above the minimum NFT price. You can also contribute more than once.

👯 Team

Alfredo is a creative writer and producer working at the intersection of media and technology.

Ashes - NYC-based technologist focused on distributed infrastructure for a post-capitalist world.

Einxel Reyes - Chicago-based artist creating graphics and illustrations for good.

Hux - NYC-based Desi nb with a mutual aid and tech sales background, focused on using their people and space-building skills to help their neighbors.

James Brennan - NY-based software developer passionate about designing new frameworks for digital platforms which empower creators and users with governance.

Makisa - DC and NY-based Asian American crypto growth operator dreaming up ways to use web3 to support other marginalized individuals.

Marisa Rando - NY-born writer and marketer with experience in fintech, nonprofit, and community building. Marisa has spent the past 3+ years working on donation technologies.

Sarah M. Chappell - New Yorker by way of the Lincoln Tunnel who writes and teaches about the future of small business with a focus on sustainability and community care.

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