Panch0s Mint & Info

Mint FAQ

When the mint will take place?

On April 13, 2023.

  • Allowlist Mint: April 13, 2 PM EST to 4 PM EST.

  • Public Mint: April 13, 4 PM EST.

What is the supply and price?

The total supply is 10.000 Panch0s. The price of allowlist minting is 0.0045 ETH / NFT and public minting is 0.0065 ETH / NFT.

Will there be an instant reveal?

Yes; you may have to refresh the metadata few minutes after your mint. There is no risk of unrevealed Panch0s being sniped.

Will there be allowlist? How can I get a guaranteed spot to mint?

FCFS (First Come First Serve). 3333 allowlist spots in our Premint site.

What is the maximum mints per wallet?

The maximum mints per wallet for allowlist winners is 4, and for public is 2.

Panch0s FAQ

What are Panch0s?

10.000 Panch0s in the public domain have been generated by 6238 Labs, a collective of builders, artists and creatives.

Where did Panch0s come from?

An experienced NFT team, highly likely to be responsible for 33.33% of your NFT holdings, have decided anonymously create Panch0s.

What is the rarity structure of the collection?

All Panch0s are unique and special. There are 5 types of creatures and in order of greatest rarity are:

Where the name Panch0s come from?

Each letter of “Panch0s” represents at least one letter of the name of the members of the project. The “0” is because the domain was not free with the letter “o”.

General FAQ

What are the official sites for Panch0s?



Be aware of scams. There is no Discord, no Instagram nor any other socials.

Who is the artist and development team behind the project?

Both the artists and the development team are people already experienced in NFTs and responsible for successful projects.

What is the relationship of GHN and Panch0s?

When looking for communities compatible with our concept, we found our perfect match. The GHN community, and their activity on social does not go unnoticed. Sr Peters, who has kindly agreed to offer his community and allowlist in exchange for visibility, will receive part of the guaranteed tokens for the team.

How many Panch0s are reserved for the Team?

250 (2.5% of the Collection Supply)

  • 220 for the team and partners

  • 30 for Sr Peters and his community

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