Official Presale Details

Pangea was founded on the idea that every investor deserves access to the same tools, resources, and leverage that the big guys have. Pangea is about leveling out the playing field – and providing our community with the opportunity to collectively own, build, and benefit from Metaverse assets.

What started with an ideology about equitable, community-based investing is finally coming to life after months of development. Pangea is excited to announce the official presale allowlist for the upcoming $PNGA token. Please check this tweet to learn more about how we have allocated allowlist spots and check this link to ensure that you are on the allowlist.

$PNGA is a governance token, whereby holders are incentivized to participate in the DAO through our governance mining program. By staking $PNGA and making governance contributions, members can accrue additional $PNGA (Read more about $PNGA here). This is further explained in the Tokenomics of Pangea.

What is an Allowlist?

An allowlist is just how it sounds; every wallet address that is on the allowlist will be allowed to participate in a sale event, In this case, Pangea's allowlist gives entrance to the opportunity to purchase the $PNGA token at the presale happening on 18th April. This is the earliest way to get exposure to Pangea and will be the first chance anyone gets to buy tokens.

There were no special privileges given prior to the presale – our allowlist is the only way to get early access to our token, and every wallet address is capped at 1 ETH for the presale. True disruption comes from communities, and we want to hold ourselves accountable to that by creating a community of people who are aligned with Pangea’s mission, and who want to be a part of our success. Through our presale allowlist, we will offer an opportunity to reward early adopters and contributors, creating a diverse and dynamic community of individuals who are passionate about the Metaverse and PangeaDAO.

Pangea's Presale Custom-IBCO

Rather than having the Pangea founding team be the arbiters of the value of Pangea, the community should be the drivers of that. Because of this, the team has elected to design the presale with similar mechanics to an IBCO (Initial Bond Curve Offering) which allow the total amount of funds raised at presale to determine the value of $PNGA at the conclusion of the presale. The final presale price will be half of the initial price of the public sale. IBCOs prices tokens based on demand as while the supply of the token remains constant, the amount of funds contributed will the determine the final price. There will be a fixed amount of tokens sold at presale no matter how much is raised. This will enable organic price discovery, allowing for the community to determine the value of $PNGA.

Example 1:

  • 100 tokens will be sold at presale. $100,000 of total funds are contributed, making the price of each $1,000/token. $1,000,000 of total funds are contributed, making each $10,000/token.

Example 2:

1st Interaction:

  • Person X contributes $2000
  • There is now $2000 and 100 $PNGA Tokens in the $PNGA Presale Contract
  • The current price is $20 for each $PNGA Token

2nd Interaction:

  • Person Z contributes $3000
  • There is now $5000 and 100 $PNGA Tokens in the $PNGA Presale Contract
  • The current price is $50 for each $PNGA Token

3rd Interaction:

  • Person X withdraws $1000
  • There is now $4000 and 100 $PNGA Tokens in the $PNGA Presale Contract
  • The current price is $40 for each $PNGA Token

The team chose this mechanism with the thinking the market should decide the price of $PNGA. Ultimately, the best thing for Pangea is to be priced accurately, and the team believes in the power of the community to make this decision. A fair pricing mechanism is the best way to raise capital from Pangea's community while also remaining equitable to all participants. Given that the final price is determined by the market participants, there will be an equal purchase price for all purchasers. All participants will pay the same price for tokens with the quantity of tokens received varying based on their proportional contribution. Furthermore, there is no advantage for those that immediately contribute funds at the commencement of the presale, eliminating the possibility of utilizing bots or other similar automated methods to front-run.

Allowlist Funds Allocation

Pangea will initially issue limited allowlist spots, with a max contribution of 1 ETH per wallet address. This contribution limit was created to encourage widespread token distribution, prevent dominance by any individual or group entering the project, as well as avoiding token dumps at launch. While the presale is capped per wallet address, our public token launch will allow for people to participate further if they wish to.

The funds raised from the presale will be used to bootstrap Pangea's liquidity for a successful fair launch via a Copper Launch BLBP and continue to grow Pangea. As liquidity is essential to the mechanism of the public sale, a significant amount of the capital raised will be used for providing liquidity to the protocol and deploying the public launch. A small portion of the raise (<10%), will be used to cover launch costs such as auditing of contracts, marketing of the public launch, and other miscellaneous costs such as legal and technology expenses. All the additional funds received from the launch will be put into our treasury, and in turn used to acquire and develop land opportunities.

Allowlist Details

Presale opening date: April 18 2022 12pm EST
Presale closing date: April 20th 2022 12pm EST
Currency to send: ETH
Maximum Contribution per wallet: 1 ETH

Make sure to follow our Twitter and engage with our Discord to stay up to date with all the opportunities to get on the allowlist. Also, see the roadmap on our website to understand our plans following the token launch. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!




Country Exclusions

Given current worldwide regulations on crypto, as advised by our legal advisors, nationals from below countries are not allowed to participate in our $PNGA Presale Allowlist. These countries include: Albania, Barbados, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Jamaica, Malta, Morocco, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Senegal, South Sudan, Syria, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Iran, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Jordan, Mali, United States of America, People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, and Turkey. We are terrible sorry for this news, and for the residents of these countries who are willing supporters of Pangea. The current legal frameworks surrounding crypto simply do not allow us to take risks that could affect the potential long term success of Pangea and our community.

Important Disclaimer

The above information does not provide any advice, representation, warranty, certification, guarantee or promise relating to $PNGA tokens or any uses thereof, nor does it provides an offer or agreement to enter into any transaction. Acquiring/holding/owning/using $PNGA and tokens does not provide/guarantee you or anybody else dividends or any kind of returns. Acquiring $PNGA tokens does not provide you with any rights in any jurisdiction. Pangea shall not be liable to you or anybody else for any damage or(and) losses arising out of or in any connections with $PNGA tokens. If you do not agree with any part of this disclaimer please consider leaving this website and never acquire/hold/own/use $PNGA tokens. Any person considering acquiring $PNGA should consider seeking independent financial advice or other professional advice. Please do not make your financial or other decisions based on the information shared above. Use it solely at your own risk. None of the information is financial advice, so please consider your actions very carefully.

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