Pangea Artist Series

Introducing the Pangea Artist Series - a project exploring prefabricated architecture in the Metaverse

We are excited to announce Pangea’s series of 1/1 modular, interoperable prefabricated builds. This series will include NFTs in the form of, but not limited to, event spaces, business storefronts, and galleries that can be deployed into various virtual worlds and combined to create an aspect of composability and customization. This project will comprise multiple collections from some of the most prominent artists in the space to capture their unique style and get different creators’ takes on the form that each of these spaces may hold. Each build will be a unique piece of Metaverse architecture, with different traits based on architectural elements, size, complexity, and more.

PangeaDAO is committed to helping populate the Metaverse with diverse and engaging spaces to contribute to the continued growth of virtual worlds. Not everyone possesses the technical skills, time, or funds to bring their vision to life by designing and developing structures on their land. PangeaDAO will leverage our connections to partner with some of the leading Metaverse architects in the space to bring high quality, curated, and modular virtual spaces to a wider audience. Through these prefabricated builds designed by talented artists, PangeaDAO will help bring accessible and beautiful development to Metaverse lands. We hope to appeal to several key segments of Web3, uniting lovers of art, architecture, NFTs, and the Metaverse. 

Collection One: ARQs by untitled, xyz

The first collection in the Pangea Artist Series will be ARQs by untitled, xyz. These modular architectural units are inspired by the black and white square patterns found in QR codes. The binary language of the QR is translated here into inhabitable virtual units designed to be combined with one another to produce larger, more elaborate structures. 

For untitled, the black and white QR code itself was one of the very first visuals he associated with the early blockchain scene. His introduction to this new technology was curated through QR patterns, which became windows into new experiences. Not just patterns used to send or receive cryptocurrency but to transport a user from application to application, down the rabbit hole - so to speak. Today, many of these applications have evolved to become inhabitable, programmable worlds. As the emerging Metaverse has begun to take shape, the question of what we build inside of it remains largely unanswered. Will we simply mirror the cities and buildings we already have and can understand? Or, will the imagery and symbols we first used to communicate become imprinted onto a new kind of architectural language. ARQs are modular, CC0, interactive structures that seek to explore what this new virtual vernacular could be.

In order to support a composable, scalable ecosystem of products to transcend physical events, environments, and experiences, we have built this series with interoperability at its heart. We will initially make ARQs deployable in .glb based virtual worlds such as Decentraland, Hyperfy, Oncyber, Spatial, and Webaverse, and will be continually updating our prefabs to be deployed in an increasing number of worlds and environments. In an effort to embrace the metaverse interoperability movement, untitled, xyz is releasing the ARQ collection to the public domain under the CC0 license. CC0 provides an open framework for these 3D building blocks to be more widely accessible and remixed freely. It is our view that an open metaverse must explore and experiment with these new definitions of ownership, freedom of access, and remix culture. 

ARQs will also boast high standards of modularity, making it possible for multiple prefabs to be combined to create larger structures. This versatility allows for a variety of combinations, not just within the same collection, but also with prefabs from future Pangea Artist Series collections. The ability to mix and match different prefabs opens up endless possibilities for creativity and design. This flexible and customizable approach to development in the Metaverse ensures that everyone can have a unique and personal touch on their virtual land. 

Mint Details + More

We are excited to have partnered with Metadrop not only for ARQs, but for the entire Pangea Artist Series. This partnership will allow us to reach a wider audience, reward collectors, and leverage innovative mint mechanisms. 

ARQs will be released on May 1st, with a total collection size of 300 1/1 pieces. Whitelist priority will be given to PangeaDAO members and holders of untitled, xyz collections. Other opportunities to join the whitelist will come via our ticket system in Discord and through our partner communities.

In the coming weeks we will be releasing trailers and rolling out showrooms in Decentraland, Hyperfy, and other virtual worlds to showcase how this collection will look in the Metaverse. We will also be releasing video tutorials on how to arrange and stack our prefabs. We are excited to display how ARQs will look in different worlds and begin exploring the possibilities of how these builds can be combined! 

We will continue to roll out info about the whitelist and mint through our Twitter and Discord. Stay tuned for more! 


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