You are part of a select group of human beings
January 12th, 2022

You are part of a select group of human beings. That never existed in history and will never exist again in the future.

Congratulations! You are part of the first generation of human beings who are experiencing this chaotic experiment called the Digital World.

But, in addition, you are part of the only group of human beings in all human history who will experience the transition from the analogic and industrial society to the digital. 🤯

No other generation will go through this experience ever again. If you're feeling lost and anxious about this modern world, that's okay. Really.

We are all still trying to understand what has happened in the last two decades.

It was not a simple technology that emerged.

It was not a simple change in their way of life.

It wasn't a device, an app, a service, or a product.

There were simply dozens of radical transformations. Dozens!

Each of them, individually, would already deserve years of study and appreciation, due to their high degree of transformation and innovation. Now, imagine, all of them happening simultaneously.

Just yesterday your work was carried out in the office, with your colleagues. An activity completely disconnected from your domestic and family life.

Today you work from home, taking turns between calls, reports, articles, emails, playing with your son, receiving delivery, and listening to neighbors' renovation.

At the drop of a hat, the process of meeting someone, flirting, has migrated from smiles and looks at the bar, to messages, likes, and reactions on social media. Today, the vast majority of relationships have their first contact over the internet and their dating protocols have needed to be updated.

Not long ago you were moving around the city alone, in your car. Today, you have a network of private drivers available to help you with your daily transport.

Not long ago, you traveled to other cities by bus or car. Today, you can hitchhike with complete strangers, and also stay in the homes of people you didn't know until then, instead of hotels.

Until yesterday, your only source of news was the standardized and superficial mainstream media, always bringing the same package of mass information. Today, there are thousands of sources and often hundreds of different approaches and points of view on the same fact. And now, you are one of those sources too. You are an information agent, not just a passive consumer.

Without even realizing it, children's games left the streets and went to the screens. Children spend hours in virtual universes fighting, building realities, interacting in a network, overcoming challenges. There are thousands of teenagers who have become world celebrities as eSports professionals.

How did this happen so fast?

In 10 years, an industry that didn't even exist, today is worth +$2 trillion. Cryptocurrencies. Money, which was once entirely state-controlled, is now created and maintained by a network of ingenious volunteers around the world.

Your work went to the Internet, your friends, your money, your leisure, your source of information, your flirting, your shopping, your transportation, your services.

It's definitely no small feat.

Even though this means a lot of opportunities and progress, our brain is still not ready for such a change, and in such a short of time.

So, congratulations! You are handling this transformation very well.

When you feel anxious and a little lost, know that you are not alone. And that is totally understandable.

Let’s learn to live in this brave new world together, and enjoy the best that it has to offer.

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