Collecting As A Social Feature

Soon you will digitally be collecting everything, from art, posts, lessons, articles, pictures, memes, events, and tests, to books, movie scenes, tickets, music, and many more.

This is a deep shift in how society's culture works.

It’s one more step towards a more digital native culture.

In the same way that Social Media has changed everything we've known about relationships, from how we meet new people (apps) to how we flirt (chats, likes, reactions) to how people cheat, NFTs will profoundly change our culture.

And as the previous technology trends, the new generations will lead that movement, followed by the old ones later.

Young people will create their online content, and then friends and family will collect it.

It will be the main way of signaling status and intention between social groups.

“Do you know what is better than liking her post? Be one of the only collectors. ;)”

This may sound silly, but "likes" used to be seen as silly too 10 years ago, and now is a powerful mechanism to spread ideas and lead political narratives all over the world.

The collecting phenomenon will start as social signaling and then will scale to business branding until it reaches global geopolitics.

How are you being prepared for such a social shift?

ps. you can collect this piece for free.

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