The $LINUS Thesis

Firstly, why Memecoins?

  • Unlimited Growth Potential: Memecoins aren't tied to any fundamental utility, unlike traditional stocks or other crypto-tokens such as $ENA, $ARB, $UNI... allowing for potentially infinite growth driven by market sentiment and social trends.

  • Fixed and Finite Supply: Memecoins typically have a fixed supply, creating scarcity that can drive up value as demand increases, benefiting early adopters and long-term holders (perfect incentives alignment, Loyalty deserves Loyalty)

  • 24/7 Market: The crypto market operates 24/7 globally, unlike traditional financial markets. This allows memecoins to capitalize on real-time social trends and global events. Unlike stocks like $GME, memecoins operate 24/7 and aren't tied to centralized entities, making them more efficient.

  • Institutional Interest: Institutional capital is increasingly investing in memecoins like $DOGE, $WIF, $PEPE… They’re starting to take memecoins seriously, as crypto is an attention economy and attention is easily driven by trends and culture rather than infrastructure and tech.

  • Trojan Horse for Web3: Memecoins are the simplest gateway to onboard the next generation to Web3. Every chain will have its top memecoin, and we are betting on Linea.

$LINUS the Trojan Horse For Linea
$LINUS the Trojan Horse For Linea

Why Linea?

  • Funding and Growth: Linea was funded with $700M and has grown incredibly fast since their Points System from $300M to +$1.2B TVL in a few months. I expect billions for Linea’s valuation at launch and a big airdrop (pengmillions) given to its users, which will increase inflows in their ecosystem tokens like $LINUS.

  • Strong Team: The Consensys team created Linea, the same team as Metamask (Top Crypto Wallet with +40M users). Metamask listings and integrations for their ecosystem tokens are incoming (narrative of equal value to the "Coinbase onboarding gorillions").

  • Strategic Funding: $700M in funding means many $ to be used in multiple ways, including KOLs and community building. See $FOXY launch—it was a coordinated launch with top-tier KOLs and CEXes. These levels of connections are substantial for a chain’s growth and its ecosystem tokens.

  • Competitive Edge: Linea will rival Base in a few months. If you want to be exposed to Linea and its growth, you can do it by competing with $1B TVL from whales that are farming the LXP-L Points, or you can just buy $LINUS as a default proxy to the chain’s growth.

Achievements Since $LINUS Launch

For the new Pengus, here’s a snapshot of what we’ve achieved since our launch on April 2nd:

  • Created the technological innovation called uponly as you can see on our website

  • Fair Launched $LINUS as one of the 1st winner Memecoins to be launched on Linea (before $FOXY or $CROAK)

  • 25% Supply Burnt

  • Distributed 690,420 $LINUS to the best Memes & Art

  • $LINUS became the top Lynex Farm by APR

  • Pengmilio infiltrated the Linea Headquarters and made $LINUS be shilled by Linea directly

  • Partnerships with Linea DApps & Buildoors in the space like Lynex, Nile, StationX, eFrogs, Sidebot, MemeFi & more

  • As a Top organic community, our holders are being given Airdrops (Wizards of Linea, Magi soon + more as they launch). As the Linea ecosystem grows, $LINUS holders are being gifted.

Don’t fade institutional capital, don’t fade consensys, don’t fade metamask team, don’t fade $LINUS.

Do not fade Pengmilio.

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