The Future of Pepechain L2 and Exciting Steps Ahead!

Hey there, Pepebros and Pepegals!

First off, a hearty thank you to all of you who have been with us on this exciting journey with the Pepechain L2 Testnet. Your involvement, passion, and feedback have been invaluable, and they're a testament to the strength of our community.

Let's dive straight into the action:

Why We Chose Not to Pursue an L2 Sidechain for Now

Imagine you're building a gaming console. While certain features might look good on paper (or in a commercial!), they might not be as practical or beneficial in real life. Our exploration with the L2 rollups was a bit like that. We hoped for some dazzling benefits, but the reality showed us a different picture:


Gas costs were still biting us in the heels. Playing Pepemon Degen Battleground on our own rollup chain ended up still being a bit pricey, especially during busy times.

Adoption Hurdles

Signing users up to a new L2 isn't a walk in the park. And while we've hustled to make the Pepemon Portal as seamless as possible, it seems many still prefer established L2s.

Maintenance and Future Uncertainties

Keeping an L2 chain purring smoothly is costly. With the ambiguous timeline for the Cancun/Protodanksharding upgrade, it felt like a steep mountain to climb for our community.

However, it's not a 'goodbye', but rather a 'see you later'. As tech matures, we might circle back and explore this path again.

The Road Ahead

Game Time

Pepemon Degen Battleground is roaring and ready for the mainnet. Our next step is to decide which (L2) chain we'll be battling on.

Diving Deeper into Pepesea

We've seen the waves created by both collectors and creators in Pepesea. Our aim is to make it an even more integral part of the Pepemon dApp universe.


Every single Pepechain L2 Testnet user, you're in for a treat! An exclusive NFT will be winging its way to you. Plus, you'll have first dibs on some unique Pepemon NFTs up for grabs on Pepesea.


While the Pepemon L2 rollup might be on the backburner for now, our spirit is far from dampened. We have exciting roads to explore, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have you with us.

Questions, ideas, or just want to chat? We're all ears. Stay peppy, Pepebros! 🐸💚

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