Introducing the Rasta Beach Club NFT collection

Rasta Beach Club NFT Collection

The Rasta Beach Club NFT is coming to a blockchain near you and be free to mint! The collection is generative and made up of artfully designed high-quality digital art with over 140 individual traits. The collection celebrates not only art in general, but also the uniqueness of technology-enabled art appreciation. The collection is diverse in what it reflects which is important to us.

The Project Roadmap

The primary goal of any NFT project’s roadmap is to provide a picture of long-term value for the NFT and those who choose to participate in specific projects. We’ve been thinking about how we want to engage with our Rasta Bach Club community, what we want to represent, and our core philosophy of fairness, inclusiveness, and doing as much as we can in a big complicated world. Here is our roadmap.

Our NFTs Are Free To Mint

Instead of trying to figure out roundabout ways to provide value, we’ve decided to take a very direct approach. Our NFTs are free to mint, allowing anyone who wants one, can get one. Baked into the smart contract. Boom! Value unlocked. We believe there is no greater show of what we believe in. If you are early in our project, you don’t need to stake and wait to get value. Your value proposition is baked in on the mint of the NFT.

5% Donation to Children Charities

We love the kids. We want to support those who support them. For our project, we will donate to a group of children’s charities. Holders of our NFT will have the ability to vote on charities that are included in our giving.

5% Donation to Environmental Charities

We have one planet earth. We want to support those who are working to preserve the beauty and viability of our planet. Our project will donate to a group of environmental charities. Holders of our NFT will have the ability to vote on charities that are included in our giving.

10% to the Queens of Hearts (moms)

We are going to show some extra love to Mom Dukes and add something a little extra to their flowers and cards.

All Expense Paid Beach Club Trip Giveaways to Jamaica

We will be sending some lucky NFT holders on an all-expense paid trip to a beach club resort in Jamaica. It’s simple, we believe holding a beach club NFT should give you the possibility of a beach club vacation.

Whitelisting For Upcoming NFT Projects

This won’t be our only rodeo. Rasta Beach Club NFT holders will get automatically whitelisted for our other upcoming drops. We think it’s important to build a beneficial long-term relationship with our NFT community.

Merchandise Exclusivity Shop

Well, we all love swag so we will make it easy for our community to have the dope gear to match the collection. Looking good is feeling good.

Exclusive Holders Only Events

We will plan events for our community so that we can get together virtually and in person. Like-minded NFT enthusiasts sharing ideas and good vibes.

Rasta Beach Club Metaverse Social Club

It is an online-only experience for members only.

Exclusive Rasta Beach Club Digital Art Gallery App and Metaverse Museum

We want to create a digital app and metaverse museum for our NFT holders and the community. Through this app, Rasta Beach Club NFT holders will be able to display their NFT along with any additional data that they choose. The Rasta Beach Club App Museum will be free to the public to browse not only the collection but the community of owners as well.

Additional Roadmap Announcement

We won’t stop building experiences and features for our community. As we gather feedback and ideas, we will continue to add and execute items on the roadmap to the benefit of our members.

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