Historical Moments—top 3 most important historical events on the POAP Protocol
August 9th, 2022

POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) has been created for more than 4 years, and countless wonderful memories have been recorded. I want to share 3 poaps, the first two are historical events, and the last one is my personal favorite memory.


This is the 1#drop in poap gallery, which officially represents the beginning of poap’s 4-year journey and the start for all poapers to witness.

From no one at the beginning, to nearly a million users four years later, everything started here. Just like a small tree, it grew up in the crypto world, and eventually it grew into what it is now.

There is no need to repeat the meaning of 1#drop. It turns 0 into 1. From then on, the future of POAP will always be full of hope.



This POAP celebrates all of the hard work and dedication by the Ethereum Foundation and everyone involved to bring such a monumental upgrade to fruition.The highly anticipated block 12,965,000 has finally processed and ushered in EIP-1559.

EIP-1559 will change Ethereum’s fee market mechanism. Fundamentally, EIP-1559 gets rid of the first-price auction as the main gas fee calculation.in addition to simplifying Ethereum’s fee market, it also changes Ethereum’s monetary policy.

The upgrade made Ethereum transactions more efficient.perhaps it could be the most important upgrade in the history of Ethereum.

EIP-1559 Drop
EIP-1559 Drop


“The Chinese New Year is around the corner, we have invited Vitalik Buterin to have a live AMA with our Chinese audience, sharing his view of the year of 2021 in Ethereum and how 2022 will unfold. We want to issue POAPs as a badge of this special event.”

This is the first day of the new year, and it is also my first time to participate in the AMA in Decentraland. I am very happy. Vitalik is also there. He communicated and said hello to all the friends present, and talked a lot about the future of Ethereum in Chinese.

Actually, I don't really remember what everyone said in that AMA. But everyone is happy because today is New Year and because Vitalik is with us.

We all know this man, we grateful for the change he made into the world. Today is Chinese New Year and we are so happy that he can be by our side. Times create heroes, no matter how eager we are for change and glory, the one who leads everyone toward the goal is the hero we need.

Chinese New Year with Vitalik
Chinese New Year with Vitalik
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