Is the Web3 Platform of the Future for Writers?

That's the question I've been asking myself this week as I somehow managed to stumble down a rabbit hole into the brave new world of Web3, and more specifically,

It's my intention to develop a strong point of view on whether this is a platform that matters in support of two of the authors I'm partnered with in my business. Both are looking to self-publish in 2022, and I love the idea of minting these publications as NFTs.

I always feel late to the party when it comes to learning about things like this.

I believe that there's a huge "first movers" opportunity that exists right now for creators, authors, and thought leaders who embrace this emergent way of thinking.

Mirror is a publishing platform whose most relatable comparison is probably Medium, however once you get past the similarities in the interface, the two platforms diverge radically. is built entirely on the blockchain, through a decentralized, user-owned, crypto-based network, which means there's no ownership of the platform.

As a writer, you could create significant leverage by publishing early in the platform lifecycle. It is also unlikely that you'll experience the letdown of having to deal with business-driven algorithm changes, and the inevitable addition of disruptive advertising that has been pervasive across so many other platforms.

Of course, deciding to go "all in" with an emerging platform like Mirror is not without risk, because it still feels too early to tell if the right signs are present that would indicate meaningful adoption is on the horizon.

All to say, I invite you to follow my journey with caution, as I'm not an expert on this topic by any means.

I'm simply someone with a real use case inviting a conversation around this topic as I continue to dive headfirst into my own learning journey.

Check out the the first 5 actions I took this week in an attempt to become conversational and to gain some action-based insight.

Until next time.

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