Pike is live on Mainnet!

The time is now.

A new era of DeFi is upon us.

Lend, borrow, leverage and earn - across all of DeFi. EVM and non-EVM alike.

Goodbye siloed markets.

Goodbye prefixes & suffixes on assets.

Goodbye having to bridge to use your assets cross-chain.

Base, Ethereum, Arbitrum and Optimism at launch.

Solana, Monad, Cosmos, and many more on the way.

DeFi 2.0 is now - powered by Wormhole and Circle.


Pike’s Mainnet Launch

Pike will be going live on February 1, 10am UTC. Please note that this is a beta version of Pike which is still undergoing testing, security reviews and updates. This beta release unveils a brand new standard of native cross-chain lending and borrowing. Should you encounter any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality or other problems, please reach out to us via Discord.

Pike will support the following assets and chains:

  • $ETH on Ethereum

  • $USDC on Ethereum, Base, Arbitrum and Optimism

  • $OP on Optimism

  • $ARB on Arbitrum

Supply Limit

Protocol security and safety of funds is our highest priority. For this beta release, we are applying a supply cap per wallet.

What this means is your total deposit per asset cannot exceed the following threshold:

  • 0.1 ETH on Ethereum

  • 100 USDC on Base, Optimism, Arbitrum or Ethereum (Aggregate)*

  • 10 OP

  • 10 ARB

When hitting the cap on these assets, you’ll face a restriction preventing you from surpassing the supply cap. While the supply cap may seem restricting - we are monitoring usage and limits to achieve an equilibrium between usability, reliability and security.

What you can do

  • Deposit assets: Supply assets either as collateral to borrow against, or simply supply and earn interests.

  • Borrow against your collaterals: While you are earning interests, leverage against your collateral and borrow any assets on any chains supported by Pike.

  • Repay loans: Repay your loan and retrieve your collaterals.

  • Withdraw collaterals: Withdraw your supplied assets at anytime.

What we want from the community

Earn with Pike.

Go cross-chain with Pike.

Supply assets on Pike.

Borrow assets on Pike.

Implement cross-chain strategies on Pike.

Experience a brand new standard of lending and borrowing.

Most importantly, have fun in our community🧡

About Pike

Pike is a Universal Liquidity Protocol; it is designed to unleash utility for native assets by aggregating liquidity across blockchain networks.

Pike’s vision is to become a universal liquidity layer that enables frictionless movement and accessibility of native assets across ecosystems. Pike is built on top of Wormhole’s Cross-Chain Data Messaging and Circle’s Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP).

One fundamental primitive of Pike is to enable users to supply native assets on source chains and borrow native assets destination chains without interacting with cross-chain bridges and handling wrapped assets.

Learn more at: https://www.pike.finance/

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