The Vision v1.0
May 2nd, 2022


Welcome future Pillheads, You took the pill. Now discover your identity in the Stacyverse. On the journey of what it means to be YOU in the metaverse, we are taking a dive into the Stacyverse with a collection of 6,655 Pillheads. Generated and minted onto the Ethereum blockchain straight from CFW’s mind, we are continuing explorations of detailed art and positive messaging that define our brand. This next step explores what it means to become lucid during the trip itself.

Building as a team committed to championing identity and reputation in the space, we are a mix of creative souls from around the world. From East to West, and in both hemispheres, we are working together to bring you an NFT project that operates on integrity, quality, and love.

The Roadmap

Here are just some of the ambitions that we have as a team. We are confident that they can be achieved. These are not endpoints; they are the beginning. We have barely scratched the surface of what web3 truly means in this constantly evolving ecosystem. We are here to stay and build alongside other communities while offering the highest quality experience to our community.

“From the genesis block which carries my art, the community that it brought together felt more like a family. A collective of caring members from very different parts of the world, like our very own human blockchain; unanimous in thought, with the same goals and dreams for a web3 powered safe haven. All through the power of art.

  1. ART: This community’s primary goal will always be to empower artists first and act as a safe space to talk, explore and learn from one another. From collaborating with fellow artists and communities to bringing unique opportunities for people from the collective, we strive to serve as a launchpad for creativity.
  2. VOICE: Everyone has a unique story. We hope to set the stage for those who need to be heard - especially for builders who have achieved great things in the world, and our own gems in the community. By using Discord Stages and Twitter Spaces on a regular basis we will get to hear and share exciting stories of web3.
  3. FRIENDSHIP: We wish to partner up with projects and brands that we love, which respect and value our vision and have additional perks to offer our community members.


  1. AIRDROPS: It’s good to be reminded that you’re loved. At Stacyverse, we’ve always loved to shower our holders with surprise drops, gifts, and raffles. We shall keep this tradition active, with beautiful artworks from cfw & our other favorite artists.
  2. GRAPHIC NOVELS: “Looking at my work come to life through different mediums has been a gratifying experience.”
    We’re determined to tell the mysterious & exciting story of the Founder, his world, & its mysteries through well-crafted graphic novels with guest artists as illustrators for the editions.
  3. LORES: Witness the stories from the old city, journal entries from the protagonists, Discover potential treasures (more free NFTs), and unlock the stories from this ever-growing world of Stacyverse.
  4. WEARABLES: Outfits, faces, Pills as wearables for your
    Metaverse adventures in Decentraland & more. Airdropped to every holder.


  • PHYSICAL TOYS: Highly detailed, limited & holders exclusive toy drops. [Figurines, Pills, candies, patches & more.]
  • STREETWEAR: The outfits featured in the NFT collection tease just some
    of the real-world streetwear we are aiming to launch. These will be periodic, limited, and exclusive to holders.
  • AR FILTER: We hope to spread the message of love and comradery through filters of the Pillhead that can be equipped while you share some of your coolest moments with your friends & family.


  1. COMMUNITY FUNDS: We begin our journey with a seed fund of 10% from the primary sales and 50% of secondary royalties [in perpetuity] that will be deposited into a multi-sig wallet (team). The spending will be determined by holders, via a voting system using

    YOU decide how we move forward.

  2. ONBOARDING: We are a small team with 5 team members, 2 developers, 4 advisors, & moderators. But web3 is a congregation of creatives. We aim to grow this brand by onboarding thinkers and builders who will help us in elevating this brand to new heights.

  3. A ‘COLLECTIVE’: The heart of a brand is its people. The holders are more important than the creators. We aim to work together to redefine what it means to be a strong tribe in this challenging world of web3 - together.

Note: Subject to change. Our execution of the roadmap largely depends on the project being fully sold-out. The objectives we’ve laid down as a team requires the projected budget & holder count to be fully realized. Incase we fail to achieve these prerequisites we shall revisit our roadmap deliverables & rework on it based on the circumstances.
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