Introducing: the Pixlton Identity Creator

Our original project has always hugged that fine line between an avatar project and a PFP project. Due to their square size, they fit just fine as a PFP, but being full body makes them less than optimal for that. In the past, we’ve released our “now suited for avatar” variations of all of our Pixltonians but that was still kind of limited to what we had created. To finally scratch that PFP itch, we’re now releasing the Pixlton Identity Creator (PIC)!

What is it?

The PIC is a new tool on our website that allows you to connect to your wallet and create custom banners and avatars out of your Pixltonians. Simply drag one or more of your favorite citizens onto the canvas, select a background, and export the image. We currently support:

  • Avatar format (square 1:1)
  • Banner format (landscape 3:1)

Both should be perfectly suitable for Twitter and most other socials! The PIC comes with a few pre-determined backgrounds, created by all kinds of different artists. Some of them have even been graciously provided by other projects such as Animetas and Bitlectro’s Dreamers. Big thanks to them for being willing to do so!

Currently, the PIC supports the Genesis Pixls collection, but once we release the Pixlton Car Club we’ll be sure to integrate the cars too. That way you can show off your Pixltonians and their rides all in one awesome banner!

Get started today!

Create your own cool avatars and banners and show them off, today! Feel free to tag us on Twitter when you show off your creations and we’ll be happy to RT them. Happy tinkering!

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