What is PLUR?

PLUR is the next-gen social networking built on web3. Based on the world's first talk-to-earn model, @0xPLUR is building to connect billions of people. How would we do it? the thread 🧵

PLUR 是下一代社交網絡,以全球首創的 talk-to-earn 模式為切入點,構建可連接數十億用戶的 web3 平臺產品。我們如何做到?以下是展開的想法:

1/ For a long time, users have contributed the majority of content to web2 platforms, but with very little return; most of the residual value has been captured by the platform. PLUR is making some changes, from the community, by the community, and for the community.

1/ 長久以來,用戶為 web2 平臺貢獻了絕大部分內容,但回報寥寥;大部分剩余價值被平臺攫取。PLUR 正在做一些改變,從社區出發,由社區驅動,為社區服務。

2/ PLUR connects web3 natives with multi-person conversations as a starting point. People influence each other based on insights, knowledge, organizing, good voices, and parties to build a new network of value together and earn tokens.

2/ PLUR 以多人對話為起點,將 web3 原住民連接在一起。人們基於洞察、知識、組織力、好聲音、派對影響彼此,共同構建一個新的價值網絡並賺取代幣。

3/ Language is a carrier of identity and culture, and talk is a natural way to communicate. Most people benefit from social talks, such as meeting friends, discovering opportunities, raising insights, integrating into the community, and relieving loneliness.

3/ 語言是身份認同和文化的載體,對話是自然的交流方式。多數人從社交對話中受益,比如認識朋友、增進友誼、發現機會、增進認知、融入社區、對抗獨孤等。

4/ Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect not only make up the name of PLUR but also the value proposition of the PLUR community. Affected by COVID-19, war, lockdown, deglobalization, and economic downturn, people need a more equitable and inclusive social platform. Web3 offers new possibilities.

4/ Peace, Love, Unity 和 Respect 不僅構成了 PLUR 的名稱,也是 PLUR 社區的價值主張。受新冠肺炎、戰爭、隔離、逆全球化、經濟惡化的影響,人們需要一個更公平、包容的社交平臺,web3 提供了新可能。

5/ PLUR adopts fair launch. The community is the core of PLUR, and in the coming days, everyone will come together on Discord to build PLUR, the only entry point to the Genesis NFT allowlist. Just here: https://discord.gg/PLUR

5/ PLUR 采用公平啟動。社區是 PLUR 的核心,在接下來的日子裏,所有人將齊聚 Discord 共同建設 PLUR,這也是獲得 Genesis NFT 白名單的唯一入口。立即加入: discord.gg/PLUR

6/ Genesis NFT holders are not only the early core users of PLUR but also the first beneficiaries of future airdrops, sharing the long-term returns of the platform. More faqs here.

6/ Genesis NFT 持有者不僅是 PLUR 的早期核心用戶,更是未來空投的第一批受益者,共享平臺的長期回報。Genesis NFT 持有人的完整權益,已在 Discord 中發布

7/ Talk-to-earn is the beginning, not the end. PLUR's long-term vision is to build web3-based social networking, incorporating soulbound tokens to form an open marketplace based on human relationships. See the complete project roadmap here.

7/ Talk-to-earn 是啟動點,而不是終點。PLUR 的長期願景是構建基於 web3 的社交網絡,結合靈魂綁定代幣,形成以人際關系為基礎的開放市場。完整路線圖已在 Discord 中展開

8/ Many great projects are born in the bear market, and PLUR will be one of them. So if you want to witness the birth of something new from nothing, participate in community building, and enjoy the rewards of the future, PLUR is the choice.

8/ 很多偉大的項目都誕生於熊市,PLUR 也將成為其中一員。如果你想見證新事物從無到有的誕生,參與社區建設,享受未來回報,PLUR 就是你的選擇。

9/ BTW, Twitter users will get a surprise from PLUR, follow @0xPLUR and keep in touch.

9/ 順便說一句,twitter 用戶將會收到驚喜,別忘了關註 @0xPLUR

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