PLUR Data Insights: Top 5000 most active web3 hosts and speakers
July 27th, 2022

Every day, it has become a habit for Web3 natives to communicate, learn and socialize on Twitter Space.

So if you're a Web3 learner and want to know who's tirelessly organizing the conversation, or if you're a project owner looking for influential KOLs to market to, then this list may be of value to you.

Here are the 5000 most active web3 topic hosts and speakers in Twitter Space. For the complete list, click here.

Some important notes.

  1. The data is from PLUR Insights, not official Twitter data. Therefore, there must be some omissions for reference.
  2. Only the participation after May 23rd is counted.
  3. The data in the list is updated every 7 days and is valid for a long time.
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