Now introducing... MoonDAO

“We choose to go to the Moon, not because it is easy, but because it is fun.”

MoonDAO is an international collective of people united by the mission of decentralizing access to space research and exploration. We have a multi-year roadmap with ambitious milestones for space exploration. Our funding cycle is open until the next full moon (January 17th, 2022). If you like what we’re about, you can contribute here in exchange for governance tokens. We did not pre-mine any tokens for the founders, VC investors, or anyone else, everyone receives the same terms! Also, this will be our one and only token supply creation, our token has a fixed supply. If you’d like to get involved you can join our Discord to learn more about our goals, hang out, help out (and get paid), or share ideas and suggestions!

Hold on, what exactly is MoonDAO?

If you’re new to web3 or not hip on all the lingo: MoonDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO for short). This means we are a group of people that coordinate online in a decentralized manner and are united by a common mission. In our case, our mission is simple: To decentralize access to space research and exploration.

Why should we decentralize access to space?

We are currently living at the inflection point of a privatized space race. The implications of this exponential takeoff is massive, and its outcomes will define our future. Few people comprehend the magnitude of the opportunity to go to the Moon or Mars.

Creating an economic connection with an entirely new planet will be such a massive wealth creation opportunity that few can wrap their heads around. Trillions and trillions of dollars in mining for materials, manufacturing off-world, and constructing new civilizations. And who would benefit most from this? The people that are already the richest in the world.

Now, we don’t doubt that making life multi-planetary is a bad goal, quite the opposite, we believe that making life multi-planetary is one of the most inspiring and important missions in our lifetime, the big question is: how?

We believe that an international, decentralized, inclusive, and transparent organization would be much better aligned with the needs of the everyday person.

At MoonDAO we do not believe in "Emperors of the Moon," “Kings of Mars,” or "CEOs of Space," but instead we believe in extending the unalienable rights of citizens of planet earth to the solar system and beyond, and sharing the benefits of space exploration with “the people.”

Space travel isn’t nearly as far off as you might think, either, we are on the precipice of an exponential curve:

Crypto isn't the only exponential curve in town.
Crypto isn't the only exponential curve in town.

Ok I see, so… how do you intend on going to the Moon as a DAO?

MoonDAO’s Roadmap

"The Crypto-Token to Moon-Colony Pipeline."
"The Crypto-Token to Moon-Colony Pipeline."

🌒 Moon Phase 1: Deploy a token for decentralized governance of MoonDAO.

Our funding goal: The primary goal is to decentralize the governance of MoonDAO, but in order to fund our project we need capital. Some tickets to space are being advertised for “as low as” $450,000, but tickets in auction have gone up to $28 Million dollars. This token raise won’t be our only opportunity to raise funds, but ideally this token gives us enough runway to achieve Moon phase 2.

In order to be a DAO, we need a governance token for decision making. This is our first step. There is no expectation of profit with this token, this token’s purpose is to coordinate our governance.

It is very important to note that the core team has not pre-mined any tokens for ourselves. We have not given “special terms” to any Venture Capitalists, Influencers, Angel Investors, Rich Friends or Family, or any other person. We are all being treated equally.

Every investor, builder, or fren, big or small, has gotten the same terms. No special treatment for anyone. This is unusual for an Ethereum project, but we thought it would be more fair for everyone involved that we did not airdrop or pre-mine any number of tokens for people ahead of time. We are not VC funded, we are community organized and led, this is very important to us!

What are the properties of this token?

  1. Our token will have a fixed supply. Once our initial token raise is over, we will never increase the supply of the tokens.

  2. Our token will be used for governance decisions. We will have proportional governance up to a community decided limit. The limit is needed so that if one person buys more than 51% of the tokens they cannot centrally control the DAO’s decisions. To begin, we will use a 4% limit of the total coin supply, however anyone is welcome to purchase more than 4% if they would like to contribute more.

  3. The money raised from this token will fund the workers (NFT designers, website developers, solidity developers, marketing, legal consulting, etc.) needed to complete the rest of the roadmap.

  4. The token raise will occur on, and for every contribution we will create governance tokens at a fixed rate. You will receive a portion of those tokens in your wallet, and then some will stay with the DAO in order to fund the work required to make this DAO function, and those tokens will form part of the shared treasury that you can vote on with your tokens.

There is no expectation of profit with this token. It is a governance token. You are not receiving fractionalized ownership of the DAOs assets in exchange for the token, check our FAQs for more information and disclaimers.

🌓 Moon Phase 2: Send a MoonDAO member to space in 2022.

  1. We will release the Ticket to Space NFT collection. These tickets will put you into in the running to win a ticket on a rocket to space in 2022.

  2. The money raised from the sale of these NFTs will be used to buy tickets to space on a SpaceX/Blue Origin/Virgin Galactic etc. rocket ship.

  3. Send MoonDAO member(s) to space in 2022.

How much will this cost? Virgin Galactic advertises its tickets will be sold for “as low as” $450K and it has been reported that Blue Origin’s tickets are have gone up for auction for over $28M. The range is large. MoonDAO wants to help create a world where anyone can fly to space regardless of their financial situation. We hope that this can be a meaningful and inspirational first step in decentralizing space exploration.

So far in history, space exploration has been gated to the rest of the world — accessible to only the privileged. MoonDAO changes this for the first time in history.

🌔 Moon Phase 3: Provide funding to space research and exploration.

We don’t want to just take a ride on someone else’s rockets, we’d like to fund and coordinate our own plans. We think an international collective could move much faster than any red-taped organization, and we can contract out certain aspects of rocket development to private companies, or invest in other private and public organizations.

🌕 Moon Phase 4: Put a MoonDAO colony on the Moon.

That's one small step for a DAO, one giant leap for DAO-kind.

The 1967 Space Treaty forms the basis for all law concerning space. In this treaty it states that no national appropriation of the Moon can take place. However, a DAO is not a nation — it is an international collective of frens.

We have the opportunity to use these new governance and coordination tools in order to form a more perfect union as we extend the rights and liberties of every human on earth into the solar system.

🌝 Moon Phase 5: Have sweet Moon parties (everyone's invited).

They're gonna be sweet. BYOB but we'll provide transportation.

Our Values

We don’t want to get on our soapbox too much, but MoonDAO has very strong values and a strong vision.

Scaling DAOs is difficult, scaling any organization is difficult. We want MoonDAO to last for year and years, and to outlive any individual member. In order to scale this DAO we abide by strong values:

Space should be in the hands of the people.

ALL the people, with NO special treatment to any single group, nation, or private entity.

This is why we have no pre-mine, no whitelisting, no special treatment to influencers, investors, VCs, our close friends, or the founders themselves.

We uphold values of inclusion, peace, transparency, freedom of organization and speech. Space should be in the hands of the people.

MoonDAO will support funding for individuals to go to space, acquisition of collectively governed assets (like our own rockets 👀), and fund future space research and exploration as it fits into the mission of becoming the governing body for the moon and other celestial bodies.

Who is behind this?

Kori Rogers and myself found each other on Discord after the fallout of ConstitutionDAO. I myself was a core developer at ConstitutionDAO, but ultimately I resigned after a disagreement with some of the other core contributors. I learned a lot from my time at ConstitutionDAO and I’m taking the learnings to MoonDAO.

We have now built an awesome team at MoonDAO, when asked to write bios many say things like “I’m not good at self-promotion,” and I think the ethos of MoonDAO is not about making it “about” any single contributor. However, it is only human nature to be skeptical of organizations without a clear face or reputation behind it, so Kori and I have written some bios so people can get to know us -- however we do not claim to be the leaders, nor do we want any special treatment once the DAO reaches maturity. We are DAO members first, not “core contributors” or anything like that.

Pablo Moncada-Larrotiz​

Bio: “Hey I'm Pablo, I used to work in BigTech but then I dropped out after seeing where the world could be heading with centralized control over billion's of people's lives. I see cryptographic decentralization as a key component of the solution to fixing these problems. My full-time attention is on JuntoDAO: a DAO to allow people to collectively govern their real life and digital assets with smart contacts, basically making it easier to share things with your friends. Before that I worked at Waymo (Google's self driving car), YoutubeVR (real-time server-side rendering, light-field enthusiast), and in biotech (developing a bioreactor to engineer human body parts). I mostly grew up in Ann Arbor, MI, and went to Michigan (Go Blue!), but I'm very culturally Spanish and lived in Zaragoza as a kid.”

Twitter: @LarrotizPablo || DiscordID: @pmoncada

Kori Rogers​

Bio: “Hey all! I'm Kori- a Web 3.0 fanatic and a graduate in MEng Engineering Science at Oxford University. I'm currently a part of Y-Combinator company Filta- helping to build an NFT market-place for AR art. Before falling into the rabbit-hole, I worked at the Computational Health Informatics Lab at Oxford- designing machine learning algorithms to predict emergency events in ICUs to save lives. I'm British-Japanese and grew up in Singapore, but I've recently found myself hanging out in the States.”

Twitter: @korigrogers || Discord ID: @kogero

There are awesome contributors who have done incredible work so far: Max Dana put together our website at lightning speed; “Boilerrat” has been a voice of reason, guiding big discussions with his experience in the space, and providing dank memes; and many many others that are “Moon Settlers” (enroggo, izkp, jango, nektar.c.k, 0xSTVG.eth, moguel, to name just a few) in our Discord that have helped in a million different ways and have been critical in moving this project forward. We have made many frens along the way, and I’m sure there are many more that will join us in our mission as we go!

Interested in contributing?

Our token is available until the next full moon! We might (wink) commemorate early contributors.

To stay up to date follow us on twitter:

If you have more questions check out all our FAQs, documentation, plans for progressive decentralization, details about our multi-sig and token raise can be found on our website

Join us on Discord! DAOs are all about communities working together. Join the Discord to get involved and help us achieve our mission. We can pay you for your contributions!

Thanks for reading! We hope you join us!

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