11/12->11/17 Product Update

Starting today, we will begin publishing quick product updates at a weekly cadence, on Mirror, that highlight features and improvements that shipped during the week. This weeks shipments included:

  • “For You”

  • Support for unsubscribing directly from the market update emails

  • “Volume” and “New” added to homepage nav bar

  • New carousel features

  • Other small UX improvements (not featured)

For You

When logged in, you will see a new “For You” pill on the homepage. Underlying this is a new ML model that provides targeted market recommendations based on your on-chain trading history.

Unsubscribe Directly from Market Emails

A few months back, we started sending new market and resolved market emails. For many users this is a powerful notification tool, while for other users, the frequency of these emails has been frustrating. Previously, subscribed users would have to log in to their account to unsubscribe. We have updated this so that you can unsubscribe directly from the email itself. In the future we will be aggregating new market emails and providing more granular settings so you can tune exactly what emails you want to get.

Volume and New Homepage Nav

With the recent shipment of homepage tags the “volume” and “new” quick links we lost. We have re-added these to the homepage nav bar as requested by users.

As events come in and out of focus, the carousel will be updated with featured items to reflect what is currently a focus on Polymarket. This week we added a “Layer Zero” feature as motivated by recent chatter surrounding their potential airdrop along with a “Donald Trump” banner as he remains a popular figure among users.

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