11/27 -> 12/1 Product Update

Notable shipments this week included a few consistency and quality of live improvements, specifically:

  • Rewards auto-distribution

  • Homepage styling revisions

Rewards Auto-Distribution

Starting last week Friday (11/24), liquidity rewards are now distributed directly to a user’s address weekly on Friday at midnight ET, which corresponds roughly with the epoch rollover. For 80+ weeks, rewards required “claiming” wherein a user provided a proof to a merkle distributor on chain to receive their rewards. While functional, the merke root was updated at random times, making the claim experience inconsistent. In order to improve the reward experience, liquidity rewards are now directly distributed to maker addresses. These payouts are visible on chain (coming from the same address every week) and are indexed in a user’s history and activity. Users will soon receive notifications of payouts as well. We hope this new system results in an improved rewards experience for users.

Homepage Styling Revisions

We’ve made some tweaks to the styling on the homepage which refine recent homepage shipments to improve general design cohesion and consistency. Let us know what you think by joining our Discord!

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