Announcement of Bug Bounty Campaign for Pre-Alpha Version!
June 10th, 2022

TLDR; PonytaSwap Announces Public Testnet Launch on June 10th

Launch Alpha Testnet

We’re excited to share with you all our alpha testnet launch, which will primarily focus on community building and bug bounty. Built on Rangers Protocol and compatible with the Ethereum Chain, PonytaSwap expects to serve more players not only from MixMarvel and DeHero but also other gaming projects on Ethereum.

With several advantages including high liquidity level, low price slippage, fast matching engine, outrageously low transaction fees, and high scalability, PonytaSwap provides exactly what every DEX user is looking for. Furthermore, Ponytaswap will soon offer liquidity mining pools with an attractive initial APY and more exclusive offers are coming up.

The launch will come with rewards for the very first adopters and users of PonytaSwap. Rewards calculations will take place from June 10th at 2 p.m. UTC onwards(Join our Telegram and Discord channels for live updates).

The first two batches of the trading pairs introduced are as follows in alphabetical order.

1st batch**

  1. BTC/ ETH
  2. BTC/ USDT
  3. ETH/ USDT
  4. RPG/ ETH
  5. USDT/ DAI

2nd batch

  2. RPG/ MIX

** Friendly reminder:** There is no Ponyta token private sale or direct public sale other than certain angel investors who can participate in pre-sales. However, community members who take part in the testnet launch and report the bug will be allocated a small amount of Ponyta tokens. After the testnet launch campaign comes to an end on/by July 10th(TBD), all of the public distribution of the Ponyta tokens will go to liquidity providers through the farms only.

Campaign’s Feedback & Comment form please find from here:

How did we decide the first batch of the trading pairs?

We are the first DEX on Rangers Protocol. Our vision for PonytaSwap is to be the one-stop destination for trading FT & NFT on Rangers Protocol for all the users. We designed our first batch of trading pairs to point out the three objectives:

  1. Bootstrap the ecosystem liquidity
  2. Enable our users to trade Rangers Protocol tokens
  3. Enable the users to trade with the high-quality trading venue: fast, lower fee, minimal slippage, and gamers friendly.

How will the upcoming listings be managed?

The team will optimize the listing strategy, add the yield farming function and attract liquidity gradually during the first month of the launch(alpha testnet and beta version) to ensure users find their preferable trading pairs here on PonytaSwap. Next, we envision the community taking over the listing management in the near future. Everyone should have a say on what token pairs they would like to add to the liquidity pools.**

What’s next:

We hope that users come to explore the new ecosystem and stay for the community. Join us on Telegram and Discord for more updates!



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