Crypto Kinky Studios (CKS) is an NFT design studio incentivizing sexual empowerment and education by producing compelling, consumable culture. Our Pleasure as Utility initiatives surprise and delight, but create space for education and conversation along the way.

For the full extent of what we’re building and why, read our Manifesto here.

Accelerate Our Vision

We are crowdsourcing a fundraising round to speed up our growth and marketing strategy so that we can launch our main collection and build out our utility roadmap quicker. We’re doing so by issuing a very limited edition of NFT’s with Pleasure as Utility perks across 8 different tiers.

The NFT’s issued as a part of this crowdfund are unique and highly exclusive. Unlike our main collection, these NFT’s are NOT randomly generated. We’ve hand selected traits to represent each of the 8 funding tiers, with accompanying micro-lore and benefits. Whereas our main collection features our Kinky Kinkajous on plain backgrounds, the NFT’s in this limited collection feature a distinctive condom background that will clearly signal your status as an early supporter.

Owning an NFT from this collection entitles you to several fun benefits including Pleasure as Utility goodie bags customized with your specific NFT and many more benefits among the higher tiers. We aim to begin rolling out these benefits within a month of the crowdsource closing and will be in close contact with supporters throughout this process.

Many of these perks we’ll be rolling out at a larger scale with our main NFT drop down the road, but this is our beta testing ground for utility- supporters will be able to provide feedback on physical goods, content and educators to help steer the course of subsequent rollouts. Even after we launch our main NFT collection, we will continue working to provide our early adopters here with new benefits.

Your support will be greatly rewarded! 🥰

8 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.