Introducing the PoolCollective
September 22nd, 2022

sup nerds,

if you have been participating in the Optimism ecosystem, you probably earned some $OP tokens on your way. Optimism Summer brought many incentive programs - PoolTogether is just one example.

Optimism is governed by the Optimism Collective - a new form of governance that consists of two houses: the token house & the citizen house. As $OP token holder, you hold voting power within the Optimism token house.

If you aren’t actively participating in Optimism’s governance votes, your voting power is lost. You can still help to create a more healthy governance system by delegating your tokens!

Introducing the PoolCollective

We are a collective of PoolTogether community members with the goal of helping Optimism governance succeed. We highly value public goods and desire to further support the Optimistic Vision by actively helping to improve the Working Constitution.

Our main motivations for participation in Optimism governance are:

  • to signal PoolTogether’s dedication to the Optimism-, and therefore Ethereum-, ecosystem

  • to capture untapped voting power from the community and treasury $OP and contribute to the health of Optimism governance and the Optimistic vision

  • to learn from the process of meta governance and apply our learnings to PoolTogether and Optimism

The committee will release a report for every voting cycle on Optimism governance for full transparency. If you are aligned with the PoolTogether values, you should delegate your $OP to us!

You can find our Delegate Commitment for Optimism Governance here.

Delegate your $OP voting power to the PoolCollective

What’s delegating?

Delegating means your giving someone else permission to make governance decisions on your behalf. You still retain full ownership of your tokens, but your delegate will be able to vote.

Delegating your voting power on Optimism is easy!

  1. Browse to & select delegate to anyone

  2. Enter 0x3D2d722B443A5cAE8E41877BB7cD649f3650937C & hit Delegate

  3. Done! You are now delegating to the PoolCollective.

If you ever decide to vote yourself on $OP governance, you can just delegate back to your own address.


Do you want to get involved? Great, the collective is open for members! Just ping one of us on Discord and let’s chat.

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