Vitalik in Argentina

how it started: vitalik decided to unexpectedly show up to the graph’s one year anniversary party

he was very enthusiastic about the graph + ethereum’s future at the party

argentina’s ex-president even got a chance to meet vitalik during v’s time in the country

proof of humanity’s santi gave vitalik a very warm welcome

suddenly it was announced that there might be an open talk set up with vitalik. they just needed to find a location

et voila. an announcement was tweeted after a location was confirmed. tickets were finally made available

even a POAP was created for the event

love this tweet of ziberial comparing this photo of vitalik and his supporters in argentina to a renaissance painting of jesus christ and his disciples. can’t unsee

ENS got a shoutout during the live talk by vitalik

ethereum’s goals were also addressed

days after the talk, vitalik stuck around the country for humanitarian duties :)

clip from the live talk of vitalik discussing ethereum’s future

complete vid of the talk:

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