Sending out an $SOS
December 31st, 2021

Just when we all thought we could escape crypto for the holidays, the $SOS airdrop happened

what is $SOS???

$SOS, the governance token for OpenDAO, was airdropped (allowed to be claimed) to OpenSea users based how much they’ve spent buying NFTs on the platform. it should be mentioned that OpenSea and OpenDAO did not collaborate for this airdrop and have no relationship with one another. additionally there is no roadmap and the token has limited utility

as much as everyone loves free money, not everyone saw the drop favorably

theories about the airdrop were abound

top $SOS hodlers for good measure

a grift???? with its questionable contract there were plenty of skeptics proceeding w caution, naturally

only time will tell what the future holds for $SOS. to be continued~

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