How to delegate your winning chances to others on PoolTogether v4 🌊🏆

Wanna help out a small fish or a friend you recently onboarded to PoolTogether v4? Great news: you can delegate your winning chances over to them with just a few clicks

The feature isn’t available on the PoolTogether v4 UI just yet, so you’ll have to do it from the smart contract

***We will be doing this from polygonscan, so make sure your funds have been deposited to the Polygon network***

Here’s how you do it:

Step one: go to the PTaUSDC contract on polygonscan

Step two: scroll down to the verified contract, click on the Write Contract button (or Write button if on mobile), and connect using MetaMask or WalletConnect

Step three: once connected scroll down to number 7, the delegate function

Step four: enter the address you wish to delegate to and click Write

Step five: pay the gas fee

And you’re done!

When you go back to your PoolTogether account page, you will see that your daily and weekly odds are now both zero. You can also get confirmation of your delegation from the contract by switching from Write Contract to Read Contract and scrolling down to function number 6, delegateOf. There you will input your own wallet address and then hit Query. It will return the address you are currently delegating to

If you would like to take back your delegation and recover your winning chances for yourself, simply follow the steps again and this time input your own address into the delegate function. EZPZ 😎 have fun!

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