Paint the town yellow

I asked my Twitter friends to suggest me something to draw. Someone replied "Paint the town yellow"

It got me curious. I’ve heard the phrase “paint the town red” which means getting drunk and partying all night or it can also mean… you know shitty shitty bang bang 🔫

But then it hit me, what if we paint the town yellow?

I took my crayons out and drew this in an hour 👇

I also came up with a tagline: "Paint the town yellow, if not paint one superhero"
I also came up with a tagline: "Paint the town yellow, if not paint one superhero"

Here’s my thought process behind the drawing:

1. The colour yellow represents positivity.

Sometimes creators, artists, builders, and storytellers want to heal the whole world but healing starts with one person.

Everyone's a superhero.
Everyone's going through something.
Everyone needs help.
Everyone needs painting.

2. Speech Cloud - *paint me*

The superhero protagonist says "paint me" which can also mean "help me" and then a hand comes in and helps the protagonist.

The superhero can be anyone here. It can be your friend, partner, neighbour, family member, yourself, or a well-known person.

"We don't want to be looked at as mentally weak. Trust me, faking to be strong is far worse than admitting to being weak" - Virat Kohli before Asia Cup 2022

Virat Kohli has been a superhero for millions of Indians.

The protagonist in my art can be Virat Kohli too. Being open about his mental health is nothing but asking the world to paint him yellow.

3. The yellow hand

The yellow hand in my art can be the world, you, me, his partner, therapist, the entire world.

Supporting someone when they are feeling down is one of the greatest acts a human can ever do.

This reminds me of the story on “first sign of civilization”

Compassion is the first sign of civilization.

But why is the hand yellow?

Every time a plane takes off, the air hostess demonstrates safety instructions, Have you ever noticed why they ask us to put on our oxygen mask first before we help someone else?

It's the same reason. You can't help someone when you are unable to help yourself.

Moral of the story:

Many people out in the world are trying to paint the town red. Very few are actually trying to spread positivity. Are you ready to paint the town yellow? If yes, then take this yellow pill and let’s get to work.

“To paint the town yellow, we must start with painting one superhero”

Welcome to yellow town.

Thank you from Prado:

Thank you for reading this story. I believe real art is the story behind the drawing.

The drawing took me an hour and the story took me a week.

A quick timelapse 👇

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