2023 Prezenti Recap - Seasons Greetings 🥳

Season's greetings and happy holidays to everyone!

Prezenti has now been officially open for applications for 2 months. It's amazing to be able to see the wonderful applications that have been coming in!

Since the governance approval to set up Prezenti as the follow-on to CCF1, we have worked to officially set up the organization, develop our legal policies and operational framework, tooling, and suppliers. Special thanks to Celo Jura for helping us on the legal front, and our operational suppliers TrustId , Request.Finance , and Questbook . We've been inundated with grant applications since opening.

To give you a snapshot here are some numbers (as of 13.12.22):

  • 34 applications (that’s 96 reviews!)

  • 3 signed contracts

  • 7 contracts pending KYC (a 26% current success rate)

  • ‘Community tools’ is currently getting the most submissions

  • A large proportion of applications have a global focus, next biggest is an African focus.

  • Generally, a wonderfully wide range of ideas - keep them coming!

We plan to take some time off during the holidays. The online application form will be disabled from 16th December 2022 until 2nd January 2023 so please bear this in mind if you are thinking of applying.

Looking forward to what 2023 brings us all!

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