Mission Stated
PRST (per-soot)
September 19th, 2022

It’s been a minute since I’ve cracked open Mirror to do some writing about the progress of PRST and I thought a newly formed “mission statement” would serve as a solid update.

Over the last few months I’ve been creating content on a regular schedule like I’ve never done before. Since March of this year I’ve recorded over 115 podcast episodes for The PRST podcast channel, written 21 emails for The Weekly PRST, recorded a few PRST Shorts, and written a handful of blog posts here on Mirror. Through all of this content I’ve been able to get more clear on the messaging of the brand.

When PRST became a reality I wanted to inspire any and everyone to find and follow their passions. I believe your passions, which come directly from your heart, can act as your guide throughout your Pursuit. For some, their passions will become their career and for others, it will only be a hobby. There is no “right” answer for how large of a role passion becomes in your life--just that it needs to be there in some form.

While I still want everyone to find their passions and create a life of maximum happiness and minimal regret, I’ve realized PRST is going to focus more on individuals who consider themselves creative or a creator (there is a difference).

I didn’t decide to niche down, and to be fair creatives and creators is pretty broad, because of the benefits of having a niche. Shifting the focus toward the creative community was led by my personal passion for creating and being surrounded by creatives.

I have yet to meet a creative who was not passionate about their craft and most creatives are operating in a life led outside the norms of society.

Creatives are PRST.

With that, here’s a look at the first mission statement for PRST. I’m sure as I continue to create, meet creatives, and tell the PRST story this will be refined. But for now, I get really excited when I read this:

Keep Pursuing,


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