Brands That Inspire Me and PRST
PRST (per-soot)
April 27th, 2022

I’ve long been a fan of brands. It started when I was young and my love for all things Nike, thanks to Michael Jordan.

Having the opportunity to start a couple of businesses and create their brands, along with my own personal brand (it’s weird to say I have a brand but we all really do--that’s a topic for another day and another blog, not PRST), I’ve grown to appreciate strong brands that create loyal fans and communities--I even created a themed portfolio of stocks called “Strong Brands with Loyal Fans”.

As I think about building PRST and what the brand will become I look at the following brands, both company and personal, for inspiration. Inspiration does not mean copying what they’ve done but identifying aspects of their businesses, content strategies, community building, and anything else that resonates with me and applying it in my own way with PRST.

These brands are different from the brands that inspire me in my other businesses--it’s not one size fits all.

In no particular order…

Personal Brands

  • Bobby Hundreds
  • Jack Butcher
  • Khe Hy
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Jay Shetty
  • Ramit Sethi
  • Packy McCormick

Company Brands

  • The Hundreds
  • Visualize Value
  • Madhappy
  • Union
  • Municipal
  • Rally Rd.
  • Altruist

I expect this list to grow and will update it as I find more companies and people who inspire me and PRST. But for now creating a melting pot of a little from each of these brands with my own spin will provide a phenomenal start.

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