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November 4th, 2022

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That is the main purpose of this post, another is to answer a few questions about Psyber-X many still kick around.

I took much of this from a recent reply to a comment I made and have slightly edited for this post as it hit many points that are misconstrued by several whale types around Hive and others might be wondering.

Reasons I don’t think Justin (JBOSS) is utilizing Hive to “money grab”

  1. He did not take my advice of launching expansion packs for the 3 other games in development, does not want to launch and sell NFT skins, wearables and more as selling NFTs until games need them even though my reasoning is to hire more developers and rush things to get playing.

They rather focus pushing development on what is currently being built while not attempting to push too many NFTs without a game to play yet especially during a bear market as well as diluting the Alpha NFTs is not a goal.

  1. The Myria ETH L2 launch of Silver & Gold passes sold are merely Hive assets repackaged, nothing more or in addition to what we already have released selling land plots and psybercrates primarily with early access in which they must create a Hive wallet to obtain the assets until the omni-chain work is completed in which MetaMask or other EVM wallets will be utilized with the games backend and transactions never leaving Hive.

  2. Myria & Avalanche were chosen as growing gaming friendly chains as well as being omni-chain solutions glad to be bridging to Hive.

The current bridge to Avalanche is down for maintenance yet was launched and has operated flawlessly for several months until recently taken down for maintenance to ensure security of funds proving the studio is developing things for Hive and adding value.

Offering the Hive assets through these Myria & Avalanche markets via White List Passes to let them gain a % for partnering as well as launch the game on their platforms for the phase 2 open world RPG game that is very ambitious yet also open about it taking several years, a few if we are lucky with some awesome developers.

  1. There is also the governance token they could have launched to raise / grab more money yet refuse to until game is playable with more holding assets so when distributed it is more widely held as all LVL holders get a 1 to 1 drop of this token, so dropped to the early Hive investors primarily.

  2. LVL Token has a 500 million total maximum supply with 50% of it immediately released onto the market at very low price to get the token distributed, he could have held pre-sales and released small amounts controlling an inflated price instead let the market do its thing and today the tokens last trade was $0.0003381 which leads me to why none of the next issue bothered my decision making process with this investment.

  3. Yes we knew about the failed Kickstarter and looked up the studio which had a few cheesy google play store app games yet the plan of involving the founders in decision making along with no huge team to soak up most of the profits giving the game the ability to be designed to be player owned with a player driven economy making my gamble in this project worth it to me.

I have dozens of posts early on where I stated come win assets helping onboard to Hive bringing gamers and investors while constantly stating do not invest. This is merely me sharing my experience and reasoning for my investing and not financial advice.

  1. I found one of the most decentralized projects where JBOSS could have launched the token at inflated rates while releasing very little at a time in pre-sales like many Hive projects do while also having much more than 500 million total max supply yet I see many reasons as well as this to prove it is not a scam or rug pull which is another reason why I have invested so heavily.

  2. I Doxed Justin myself, found his address in Huntington Beach, California yet still warn any game before it is playable is a gamble to invest in as they could put an absolute shit game out with poor functionality.

  3. Several Hive witnesses have joined the team helping to develop more games and other various financial and delegation programs with only leads me to invest more and onboard more aggressively as value is constantly added to Hive.

  4. Other games push rewards up to the top few % of holders while this one will be skill based without requiring huge stakes to get into the huge tournaments meant to take Hive to new heights with massive onboarding plans to offer risk based gaming, activity rewards for all and innovating with kill to earn rewards.

Whales will have their ability to earn more than others by renting NFTs and running scholarship accounts yet no huge stake based tournaments for them to circle jerk each other rewards from NFT sales, sorry money grab fans we are not here to fuck the little guy over.

  1. The game of my dreams, I have wanted to build something like this forever and when reading the description upon finding it thanks to @dynamicgreentk I jumped in head first and have not looked back since.

Onboarding while on vacation, sure why not, I wear this hat everywhere

my stop today at The Daily Dose coffee shop in the Philippines

This is my daily stop in discord chat as I harrass the development team

little meme of me bullying our Hive Developers building Psyber-Decks… guess I am the bully after all!

Thats it, the rest is for Psyber-X SEO & Informational Purposes yet contains great information if you want to learn more about Psyber-X & the other games.

All About Psyber-X

Psyber-X is a play to earn first person shooter NFT blockchain game.

Phase 1

Royal Reptile Studios is building Psyber-X to launch initially as a 10 versus 10 brawler where players will battle it out for Level (LVL) token and bragging rights. It is a switchable first and third person shooter game built on Unreal Engine 5.

Phase 2

Once the game is launched into closed beta, the next phase of development begins, the land ‘between’ the brawls — the PsyberVerse. With a myriad of mini-games and activities planned to give all of PsyberX NFTs, and those of our partners, deep utility within an expanding ecosystem and player driven economy, while continuing to develop the different FPS game environments available across the map

Future Phases and Updates

We will integrate lands and partnership advertising through them, this includes the possibility to ‘broadcast into’ the live PvP matches.


Each Psybercrate holds 5 NFTs. You can buy them at where you can connect your Hive wallet and pick up the latest and greatest NFTs. Purchasing of crates with LVL Hive or HBD now. 2 Crates purchased grants early access for Psyber-Decks & Psyber-Towers testing.

Psybercrate Accessibility

The current Psybercrates have a limit. There are only 100K crates. That may sound like a lot; however, nearly 10,000 crates have already been distributed/purchased. That leaves approx. 90,000 crates to go. This is the first wave of NFTs developed by Psyber-X. Just like games similar to Magic the Gathering(c), Psyber-Decks will allow variety for your NFT holdings. When MTG first came out, the first cards (called Alphas) became very valuable later on. Who knows if the same will happen with Psyber-X NFTs

Psyber-X NFT Utility

Psyber-Decks is going to be the first mini-game provided by these side developers (Psyber-Decks is not developed by the Psyber-X crew, but we’re providing the information they need to be able to incorporate our NFTs). They’ve already let us know that there are several other games they’re building at the same time based on gaming formats we all love, like tower defense, top-down shooters, and of course Psyber-Decks which is a turn-based strategy game. Therefore…if you own NFTs from Psyber-X, you’ll be able to play all Royal Reptile games. With that also comes the ability to rent your NFTs to others who will play.

Renting NFTs/”Scholarships”

Similar to other games on the Hive blockchain, once Psyber-Decks is up and running, you will be able to rent out the NFTs you own to others. I also know several people who have told me they’re buying crates to partner with others who will play on their behalf. If you’re not familiar with this, the way it works is one person owns a set of NFTs. We’ll pretend it’s 25. They find someone who is really good at strategy games. The two join into a partnership where one plays using the other’s NFTs and they split the reward based on a percentage they both agree upon. This way, someone who does not have the funds to buy an NFT can connect with someone who does and voila! a partnership is made and both are satisfied. Did someone mention risk?

Risk Based Games

First, let’s discuss risk…In risk-based games, you ante up something with the chance of earning something in return based on your skills or based on chance. Psyber-Decks is a game based on how strong your NFTs are vs your opponent’s and how skillful you are at challenging their attacks and defenses. Will bots be able to play? Yes they will. But just like anything, they’ll have to be programmed first, and if you have better NFTs than the bots, then the bots lose and you take the winner’s plunder. So your ability to win is not set in stone just because a bot is playing. You still have to use a strategy to beat your opponent.

Psyber-Decks is a mini-game being developed to use Psyber-X NFTs. If you’d like to be able to play the game before anyone else, you simply need to buy 2 Psybercrates at for the Alpha testing access.

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