Fediverse >? Metaverse

What is Fediverse?

It is an ecosystem of decentralized resources built on p2p protocols like ActivityPub with data exchange between resources and interconnected communities.

What is Metaverse?

There is a global misunderstanding or not enough clear explanation what it actually is. In general it is just a terminology explaining global virtual world of something, but what it actually is - 3D graphics, VR/AR implementation with avatars and real people "playing" their characters in virtual world for some particular reason, in most cases powered by the blockchain technology for assets holding and monetization.

Fediverse x Metaverse

We think both should live together or combined properly in a decentralized way not as was proposed by corporations.

What is not in the Fediverse currently? - We see the visual and media layer needs some more hands. This is where we really would like to go together connecting the dots as a friendly and supportive community step by step contributing to the real decentralization and indie web for true creators economy.

The federated and decentralized network way is the way to go further using a mixture of crypto payments and p2p protocols.

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