PublMe World and The Musicverse

Based on the previous posts and on the Roadmap highlighted at the website we are looking for new people who would like to join us to make this happen.

Musicverse DAO is going to release the ERC-20 Token in the Ethereum blockchain for The Musicverse galaxy support as a security token. The community network may start earning the PMC rewards which may be swapped to tokens after the launch of staking process.

Going in a new world of communication, communities and media we would like to build the new future together with partner projects, builders, communities, investors to bring the best experience and sustainability. It is #TheMusicverse - For Everyone. Really.

The Musicverse is going to be build on the Federation concept as a decentralized Federated network with the Community and with PublMe as a part of this federation where every independent project is welcome - doesn’t matter the race, color or religion.

What we are going to do is the implementation of #FreedomMusic and #PayIfYouEarn concepts together on the next Web level for the brightest future and the sustainability of the community network and the galaxy where the new product Life Cycle will be launched and controlled by the formed community and by the creative network of its members.

Now we bring our best efforts to form the development plan, partnerships and general direction of funding and resources investing to activate the existing ecosystem and build the coalition. We are here to support each other.

Stay tuned 💫

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