What is PublMe?

Originally, being created to be the full-cycle platform for musicians to “live” there and monetize their creativity, it became something bigger than just a platform. It became the Home and Space for everyone where they can not only get rewarded for their streams and educational courses which they make, but also connect inside the community network and create own communities, either for doing business or for having fun. Virtual PMC economy helps this to be achievable. Of course, in the current web3 world crypto transactions are the must have, so the PublMe system supports Polygon(Matic) network transactions in the Ethereum blockchain using MetaMask Wallet, while crypto conversions are possible as well via swaps system and via a payment gateway. Musicians may use tools and get creative services like: Agency PUBLME, Digital Music Distribution, Creators and Promotion tools, Music Licensing, Music Feedback Board, Educational Courses on the platform and of course to monetize their creativity.

Create - Educate - Distribute - Promote - License - Explore

PublMe is gathering the community network of independent-only artists, producers or indie labels, as well as every person around music, likewise: designers, photo and video creators, music business curators and influencers, programmers and just listeners, small businesses.

Creator Business Industry are the main 3 key words and this is the future we aim to.

Current music business industry is not ideal, but the biggest problem is the lack of discovery and monetization to make a living from creativity. It is where we would like to put our long focus at.

We are creators, musicians and music enthusiasts who are building it. We are here to support each other. It is for Everyone. Really.

PublMe website:

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