Reveel - Manifesto

Introducing Reveel, the financial stack for Web3 collaboration.

The Future of Collaboration

The crypto movement, since its very beginning, has aimed to disrupt industries by shifting the balance of power back from intermediaries to end users.

As Web3 has emerged, artists, creative entrepreneurs, and builders - we’ll call them creators - have been drawn to this technology for that very reason. Indeed, this creative class has long been on the short end of the stick, subject to gatekeepers & centralized platforms that capture a vast portion of the value created by their art, their content, and their business.

Decentralization & ownership, the core principles of Web3, offer these creators new opportunities to develop, manage, and monetize their work & their communities.

These principles also offer new ways to collaborate. When ideas, talent, and resources are distributed, new and more fluid collectives surface to deliver on projects. Similarly, when ownership is pushed to the edges of the network, to its users, collaboration becomes shared property. And shared interest becomes shared equity.

But the blockchain is still a nascent technology and its adoption by creators still requires an advanced level of technical knowledge which greatly reduces accessibility to Web3. For the technology to facilitate collaboration & deliver on its promise to creators, many building blocks still need to be developed.

One of those building blocks is a financial stack that supports the shift towards this new way of working together and offers creators a fluid revenue sharing & revenue management solution. A building block to unleash Web3 collaboration.


We’ve started Reveel to create that building block.

At its core, Reveel strives to become a financial layer for collaboration in Web3 - the financial stack for Web3 collaboration - and a bedrock for creators to grow upon.

We understand that collaboration can generate friction: How do creators identify partnership opportunities? How and when do collaborators get paid? How do collectives define & monitor success?

We believe transparency & equity are the fundamental pillars that will enable products to solve these challenges & deliver on the promise to make collaboration simpler. This is why Reveel is building a platform that helps creators visualize and understand their on-chain income & automate the distribution of revenue amongst collaborators, rights holders, and partners.
In other words, Reveel is built for creators, artists, builders & brands that generate revenue on-chain and want to have more time to focus on what they do best: create.

With the support of our amazing backers, including Binance Labs & Moment Ventures, we’ve been able to bring together a rockstar team of seasoned Web3 developers, experienced venture builders & international touring artists, to deliver on our vision.

Announcing Reveel (v0.1)

Our team is excited to announce that we are rolling out the first iteration of the platform: Reveel v0.1.

Our initial beta includes a Revenue Share Protocol and a suite of Creator Analytics tools.

The Revenue Share Protocol allows creators to design & deploy their own Revenue Path (revenue share smart contract) in order to automatically split on-chain revenue with collaborators. The protocol has been implemented in a trustless, gas-efficient, and fully decentralized way. Funds can be sent to a Revenue Path and any listed recipient can withdraw their share of funds at any time, without the approval or action of any other collaborator on the smart contract, thus simplifying the revenue management aspect of collaboration.

The Creator Analytics offers the very first NFT analytics tool designed not just for collectors, but also for the creators themselves. Creators can track their entire catalog of NFT drops, compare their performance & draw valuable insights that guide their decision-making for future releases. Additionally, Creator Analytics allows users to track and understand their collector base, segment holders based on a variety of filters, and download collector lists. With this, Reveel allows creators to better understand how their revenue is generated and what projects & collaborations help them grow their community & their income.

As we launch Reveel, we’re fortunate to have outstanding partners, such as Venice Music,, wavWRLD, BlackDave, Sammy Arriaga and many more, who are pushing the boundaries of what it means to create & collaborate in Web3.

Join Us

If you’re interested in learning more, would like to get involved, or have a need for what we’re building, we encourage you to reach out.

Our current version of the Revenue Share Protocol (v0.1) is in open beta and is totally free to use. You can access it here.

Our suite of Creators Analytics (v0.1) is currently accessible by invitation only. You can apply for early access here.

And finally if you want to stay up-to-date on our latest developments or simply want to follow our journey, you can join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.

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