RabbitHoleStudiosDAO: Laying the Cornerstone

Greetings from the Rabbit Hole Metaverse!

TLDR: Rabbit Hole Studios, an artist collective and community center from Athens, GA, USA, plans to join the new socio-economic order rising up from the fertile frontiers of the Web 3.0 Metaverse. We have set sail on a journey to find the promised land of a brighter blockchain-based society. Please join us on an in-depth journey into the intention, philosophy and technology behind our DAOification by clicking on the yellow links! The grass really is greener over here ;) Hop on over the hillside!

We recently launched our Discord group which will serve as a community forum for the RabbitHoleStudiosDAO (a work-in-progress) and associated subDAOs. DAO stands for ‘Decentralized Autonomous Organization’ and is a type of blockchain smart-contract protocol that enables trustless, token-based governance of a shared multi-signature treasury vault embedded into an on-chain protocol. That's a fancy way of saying we are beginning to transition into a DAO, with the guidance of our trusted advisors at Sapiens Nations (lite paper, purple paper), and sharing some aspects of our governance and a portion of our membership income over to a shared treasury designed to empower our members. This will be a multi-year process of blockchain-based institutionalization for our art collective and social club and allow us to teach others how to transform their communities. This allows for our patrons and collaborators to gain some form of ownership stake in our collective while also facilitating access to DeFi investment opportunities like peer-to-peer lending, community insurance, user-owned social networks that reward us for our data, automated payment streams, new incentive structures and other composable building blocks that make up Web3.

Our mission begins with educating our community by empowering them with the tools of the new age so we can work together to build a scalable model for franchise development and expansion that includes investment in both digital and, someday (pending legalities), physical assets like real estate, vehicles, musical instruments and art supplies to benefit our members. The overarching goal is to create an everlasting, sustainable and equitable organization that connects artists, musicians and craftsmen while fostering community, creativity, collaboration, fellowship and mutual aid across the metaverse and the realverse.

We intend to trail-blaze the path to a new business model that minimizes the centralized, extractive profit-motives of traditional record labels, art galleries and property companies that sap energy and wealth away from creative communities. By doing this, we maximize the autonomy and self-sufficiency of our members with the tools of financial liberation and collective coordination. The means to this end is to utilize open-source, decentralized anti-fragile cryptosystems which will ensure that, long after the inevitable demise of its founder and central architect, Rabbit Hole Studios & the White Rabbit Collective shall live long and prosper. Our ultimate objective is for the members of this DAO to inherit the governance of our organization and our shared assets in a secure, efficient, transparent, legal and equitable way.

Why? Artists have for a century been slowly turned into third-class citizens scrounging for their next meal, working soul-suffocating jobs for extractive, heartless employers that make life feel meaningless. Art in all its forms is what gives life any real value. Without it, the magic is lost and we become just cogs in a soul-less machine. We aim to turn the tide in the music and creative arts industries and be apart of the on-going revolution to restore the sovereignty of our money and digital creations along with perks like immutability, censorship resistance, automated secondary-market royalties, in-house ticketing, crowdfunding, token-gated chatroom access among many other benefits. First we need to know what money is and why crypto-economics is important to understand. Then we can work together to help set each other free (in-depth text).

We are witnessing the beginning stages of the Third Industrial Revolution…(inDAOstrialization?)…that will transform our society into a truly democratic Collaborative Commons and enable mass coordination to fix many of the world’s systemic problems. We can’t help but feel like we’re on the cusp of a new digital renaissance that will uplift and empower sapien-kind for centuries to come. It can the cure to many ailments like ‘the tragedy of the commons’, environmental destruction, the centralization/corruption of power and the resulting income inequality. We believe this will result in the harmonious synthesis of individualism and collectivism uniting us in a truly democratic global society by bridging the gap between the rich and poor or the powerful and powerless. This creates a more peaceful, equitable and just society. If we want to survive the deluge of authoritarianism, democratic republics must become anti-fragile. The cracks in our democracy are clearly showing and the cure-all firmware update has arrived. It’s time to hop on the bus to Society 3.0, Gus.

Welcome to the age of open-source, peer-to-peer blockchain networks and smart-contract protocols currently under light-speed development in the free markets of the cryptosphere. Say your goodbyes to Facebook, Google, Amazon, 'Too-Big-To-Fail' banks, and to all the other centralized, rent-seeking middle men that have exploited us for centuries. We're still early to this revolution and it’s never too late to simply take back our power. I believe Democracy will find its promised land in sovereign cryptonations that liberate humanity from the oppression of fascistic influences that corrupt our society.

Soon, the people of the world will unite under a common banner of trustless transparency and sovereign liberty. With Bitcoin as our unalterable medium-of-exchange and unit-of-account, the forever wars will no longer be funded by fiat 'credit card' ponzinomics that inflate away the purchasing power of working class people through hidden taxation. Soon, society will recognize that Blockchains are the future universal social infrastructure layer for world to come. We will build our Citadel here, in the heart of the Metaverse. Together, we can end the vicious cycle of violent imperialism and transition to a global governance model that uses novel game theory to incentivize collaboration over competition(3,3)

We continue to research our digital infrastructure and governance model and we invite you, dear reader, to help us! We would love to hear from coders, lawyers, CEOs and other artists on how we can create something in alignment with our laws and social needs. It will take time to develop our model and navigate the regulations. For now, imagine us like this: Part record label, part audio/visual-production-as-a-service company, part digital art gallery, part rabbit hole investment club for both material and digital goods funded through memberships and governed by token holders. The best part is, this work is in an endless process of perfection and it’s only just begun. Our DAO will be the result of many minds working together to build something sustainable and equitable for all involved.

A little bit about me, your laser-eyed founder Nicholas Edward Bradfield:

I like to sing folk songs around a fire, fiddle with exotic folk instruments and read books about philosophy, comparative religion and ancient history. If I had a beach near me, I’d probably go for long walks ;) For a most of my youth, just simply creating music and art was enough to keep me inspired. But something in my life was missing. I needed a big, open space to collaborate and share creative expression with my peers. I became we. We needed a venue space that wasn’t contingent on alcohol sales which so often leads to poor mental and physical health of our fellow artists and musicians. We needed a to build a network of friends and supporters who could aid one another mutually in the pursuit of their dreams. We needed a band…a recording studio…a stage… and a building to put a roof over all of these assets and activities. Slowly, then Suddenly, our small-town Rabbit Hole emerged as a fully fledged maker space, recording studio, and event space with private art studios, office spaces and even a community garden at our disposal when an old bingo hall came up for sale in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nearly 5 years into this project, we’re ready to focus on the next frontier.

The real work has only just begun. And the questions bout our future as a community organization are becoming clear. How do we open-source our brand and business model and expand our model to other cities? How do we create a DAO template so that creative communities can easily iterate, collaborate and coordinate their capital to create lasting community spaces like ours in their communities, while creating a global network with other creative guilds that share similar values and aspirations? How can we form a charitable crypto-organization that is resilient and self-sustaining in service of both metaverse citizens and real world citizens? We need real human connection and physical aid just as much as we need virtual interaction and digital infrastructure. Our DAO will allow us to synthesize the two. This slow process of DAOification starts with the slow and careful decentralization of power and the pooling of our collective wisdom and purchasing power to fractionalize ownership in the assets which serve our members and our coworking space.

Over-centralization of power often leads to corruption and abuse. Humanity needs guard rails that limit the amount of power a person can yield over a network. Our governance systems need resilience against the authoritarian overreaches that usurp our human rights and liberties. Though a benevolent dictator may try their best to be selfless as they can, who might ‘inherit the throne’ and potentially abuse a position of centralized power for personal gain? Checks and balances on power and resilient governance mechanics are essential to the long-term health of an institution. Our goal is to find balance between chaos and order by not remaining entirely centralized nor becoming entirely ‘decentralized’ and inefficient. Righteous authority can only be obtained through equitable, transparent and meritocratic governance systems, not predetermined by status, bloodlines, wealth, or coercion as so often found in traditional governance systems.

Our rebel country, founded by an ancient order of stonemasons and craftsmen, was minted with a similar governance system intended to be decentralized. Unfortunately, like many Republics in their old age, it became captured by plutocrats due to centralized positions of power and an election system that leaves politicians largely unaccountable to their constituents. This beloved America of ours has been slowly corrupted in the hands of a self-serving elite for decades. They usurped the power over our currency, media, internet, political system and imposed upon us a plutocracy that governs beyond the rule of Law without our informed consent. Cryptographic blockchains can solve all of this by 'slaying Moloch' and properly incentivizing meritocratic rule, tearing down the age of 'pyramid schemes' and building a Round Table where people from all walks of life can have a voice and a slice of the pie. We are destined to become owners of the systems that connect us rather than owned by them.

Join us on this Arthurian quest in search of crypto’s Holy Grail, The Beloved Meta-Community, as we labor to build a digital Citadel that stands the test of time. With or without me, this On-Chain Organization will live on and prosper and become something beyond our wildest imagination. All who venture down this rabbit hole cannot help but stand in awe at the majesty of these peer-to-peer systems that preserve Liberty, Justice and Equity for All. The fruits of our collective labors will be shared equally with all members in proportion to the effort and energy they bring to the organization. We have no idea how we'll climb the mountain ahead of us but we trust in the open-source, peer-to-peer networks that connect us with each other and the world in a more equitable and sustainable way. Hop on our Discord today to help us chart the course, polish the building blocks and lay the cornerstones for a cross-dimensional creator’s guild - An everlasting transcendental temple of art that is somehow greater than the sum of its parts.

Lord Satoshi favors our undertaking ;)

In coordination,

The Knight Who Says NiNi

Bring me a shruberry!
Bring me a shruberry!
A silly rabbit-themed rendition of that mysterious symbol inscribed on the back of the dollar by our founding fathers. We stand on the shoulders of giants. We solemnly inherit the duty of perfection and stewardship of our society with a government derived by the consent of the governed. Imagine this as the great seal symbolizing a harmonious Republic of sovereign DAOs to preserve our liberties and secure justice for all. One nation, under Satoshi, building a new order for the ages. Thanks for tolerating my masonic LARPing ;)
A silly rabbit-themed rendition of that mysterious symbol inscribed on the back of the dollar by our founding fathers. We stand on the shoulders of giants. We solemnly inherit the duty of perfection and stewardship of our society with a government derived by the consent of the governed. Imagine this as the great seal symbolizing a harmonious Republic of sovereign DAOs to preserve our liberties and secure justice for all. One nation, under Satoshi, building a new order for the ages. Thanks for tolerating my masonic LARPing ;)

A Wikipedia entry about “The Unfinished Pyramid”:

“The 1782 resolution adopting the seal blazons the image on the reverse as "A pyramid unfinished. In the zenith an eye in a triangle, surrounded by a glory, proper." The pyramid is conventionally shown as consisting of 13 layers to refer to the 13 original states. The adopting resolution provides that it is inscribed on its base with the date MDCCLXXVI (1776, the year of the United States Declaration of Independence) in Roman numerals. Where the top of the pyramid should be, the Eye of Providence watches over it. Two mottos appear: Annuit cœptis signifies that Providence has "approved of (our) undertakings."[31] Novus ordo seclorum, freely taken from Virgil,[32] is Latin for "a new order of the ages."[33] The reverse has never been cut (as a seal) but appears, for example, on the back of the one-dollar bill.

The primary official explanation of the symbolism of the great seal was given by Charles Thomson upon presenting the final design for adoption by Congress. He wrote:

The pyramid signifies Strength and Duration: The Eye over it & the Motto allude to the many signal interpositions of providence in favour of the American cause. The date underneath is that of the Declaration of Independence and the words under it signify the beginning of the new American Æra, which commences from that date.[6]

Thomson took the symbolism for the colors from Elements of Heraldry, by Antoine Pyron du Martre, which William Barton had lent him.[7] That book said that argent (white) "signifies Purity, Innocence, Beauty, and Genteelness", gules (red) "denotes martial Prowess, Boldness, and Hardiness", and azure (blue) "signifies Justice, Perseverance, and Vigilance".[8][9][10]”

An early concept logo of Rabbit Hole Studios. "Pre-DAOification"
An early concept logo of Rabbit Hole Studios. "Pre-DAOification"

"The generation which commences a revolution
rarely completes it." – Thomas Jefferson

"American history is not something dead and over. It is always alive,
always growing, always unfinished." – John F. Kennedy

"The unfinished work of perfecting our union
falls to each of us." – Barack Obama

"America, having duly conceived, bears out of herself offspring of her own to do the workmanship wanted. To freedom, to strength, to poems, to personal greatness, it is never permitted to rest, not a generation or part of a generation. To be ripe beyond further increase is to prepare to die.

"The architects of These States laid their foundations, and passed to further spheres. What they laid is a work done; as much more remains. Now are needed other architects, whose duty is not less difficult, but perhaps more difficult. Each age forever needs architects. America is not finished, perhaps never will be; now America is a divine true sketch."

– Walt Whitman, 1856
Letter to Ralph Waldo Emerson

"And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor." – Declaration of Independence

Learn more about the acts and art of famous masonic leaders who have long been the prototypical architects of our society. By studying our nation’s origins and the builders of our governance systems, we may may glean a brighter vision of our future as burgeoning ‘cryptomasons’.

Satoshi Favente Perennis

Out of Many, One
Out of Many, One
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