Join us in the future: (Re)introducing RADAR
April 19th, 2022

For many futurists, foresight practitioners, and strategists alike, the William Gibson quote “the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed” is likely a familiar one. While it’s often framed as a commentary on the inequitable distribution of knowledge and innovation, it’s rarely looked at as a source of reflection for the futures industry itself — when the truth is, that’s exactly what it should be.

Too often, brilliant futures work is closed off in walled gardens, or even worse, collecting dust on clients’ shelves… detached from its creators and curators and disconnected from the trajectory of the world and the people in it.

That’s why we’re building RADAR — the first community owned and powered futures engine: discovering, incubating, and delivering better futures.

We believe in the power of Web3 to make this kind of decentralized, collaborative and egalitarian future possible, and RADAR is built to reflect that. It gives us the tools and technology to not only cultivate a community of diverse yet like-minded futures thinkers and makers, but to create a structure that generates real value and ownership for contributors. RADAR is a space for conversation among the best industry minds, fulfilling work that goes beyond reports and into reality.

In short, it allows us to catalyze passive discovery into forward motion, turning collectors and curators into genuine creators of the future.

So, how do we do it?

It all starts on a Discord server, RADAR HQ — our shared portal for signals, ‘emerging indicators of the future’ sourced and contextualized by the community. From #ai-algorithms and #media-brands to #aesthetics, #environment and #education, our channels explore broad cultural pillars and specific trend topics to serve as a living, breathing platform for collective curation, sense-making, and discussion of what’s next.

Foresight practitioners contribute alongside brand and innovation strategists, writers, web3 experts, topical specialists and more to generate collaborative perspectives uniquely suited to uncovering novel insights.

As more and more signals are connected, discussed and challenged, collective futures begin to emerge — mutually-determined hypotheses that the community can begin to explore through ‘discovery’ research initiatives and our collaborative ‘incubation’ process.

Because for RADAR, building ‘the future of futures’ means playing an active role in manifesting their reality, not just standing by to witness and record.

We’re creating the first alternative futures community where members move from observers to participants. Through our rigorous research process, rapid prototyping, and meaningful investment of time and resources, we’ll collectively build the strategic vision and foundations to launch products and services that are future-proofed and poised for adoption.

To achieve this vision, equally as important as the process is our structure as a DAO — a decentralized and tokenized body which confers ownership and steering to a community built on shared vision and shared values. For more about DAOs, check out our FAQ.

This is the key that unlocks our ability to deliver better futures, and to do so in a way that does away with the extractive processes of the past.

We’re building an ecosystem where every contributor in the value chain is faithfully attributed the value that they create and can be part of real world earning opportunities like live briefs, expert interviews and product builds. Learn more about our process, and why RADAR in our FAQs.

By distributing power across the collective, we ensure that the concepts we cultivate are inclusive and reflective of our trend makers – those living and breathing culture – which ultimately, are beneficial to us all.

Decentralization requires our processes and pathways to be transparent, rigorous and considered, and demands that the futures we embark upon align with our manifesto, vision, and values.

If this resonates, even in part, come join us.

Because by becoming a part of RADAR, you’re invited not only to shape the future — but to shape the future of futures, helping us reimagine an entire industry in pursuit of better tomorrows.

Whether you’re a future finder, a future maker, a future advocate, or an amalgam of all three, RADAR has a role and squad for you…and a host of ways to engage both big and small.

This is but the first of many steps toward realizing a new paradigm for collectively cultivated futures. So today, we open our community application and invite you to participate in the first cycle of RADAR, as we bring together the pieces and parts of an engine that will power a more sustainable futures economy: one that benefits trendmakers, creators, and foresight practitioners alike.

Join RADAR by applying here.

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