Token Gated Event Platform

Warning: Jumbled up thoughts about a product I may or not build. None of this is organized and may or may not make sense!

I did this with an earlier post on a web3 music platform. I’ve been wanting to take any ideas I have for dApps and jot them down in case I move forward in building them or someone else can pick it up and bring it to life. This is a live writing things down as I think about the idea exercise. You aren’t reading it live but I’m thinking of it live and just jotting it down to see if it sounds feasible.

I’ve been thinking a lot about web3 events both in person and virtual and am currently flirting with the idea of putting together a web3 dev conference. Side note: if that’s something you want to collaborate on please do let me know :D. Anyway, so thinking through this I wondered what a token gate streaming platform could potentially look like. An event platform that lets you buy a ticket in the form of minting an NFT and uses authentication via wallet and NFT to allow you access to the event. A fun way of incorporating actual web3 technology in the virtual web3 events that may or may not end up taking place.

Let’s start with the technology that I would want to use to build this:

I’ll probably go with my old friend Next JS on the frontend. It’s versatile lets you have both static and dynamic content and the server side rendering is no joke. My UI would be built using Tailwind and probably using Rare Blocks Tailwind components. Damn now as I’m thinking about this I’ll probably start building it.

As for the backend I would need a way to have new account holders be able to mint their own NFT’s for usage in their event. I’m still looking into it but I think Third Web is what I would use to quickly get a prototype of this out. It looks like I can probably just tap into their javascript sdk and get this out. Will likely choose to deploy this on Polygon to save on gas fees.

For any additional off chain data storage for the site I would probably want to go with something like Supabase. Just to make things quick and easy to save some data I would want to quickly get. Things like allowing the admins of the event to save their discord/telegram chats for easy access, saving general information about the event etc.

The big part of this however will probably be around incorporating LivePeer for the video streaming. Fully decentralized video streaming platform with token gating instead of ticket gating!

Now what would an actual minimal viable product for this actually look like?

A user should be able to go the website and authenticate with their wallet, then they should be able to create an event. On their event page they should be able to do things like adding information about their event, setting how many NFT’s there should be for minting, adding a discord or telegram invite link that would be shown to people who mint the NFT, and a link to the eventual stream. I will probably want to add in Arweave to the tech stack for hosting files and maybe also the website itself. I think this covers all the necessary elements of a virtual event. Further interaction with their community would be done off the platform on discord. A chat system for the platform itself is something that might be feasible later on but is probably not part of the MVP.

For the NFT itself I think we can generate an SVG that would be somewhat customizable. I won’t get too fancy here just an SVG with the information about the event is probably enough to start. Anything beyond this would be post mvp and after there are actual users.

Now I’m wondering how this gets monetized. I’ll probably have to look into LivePeer pricing to figure out how much to charge but I’m thinking it will be based on the number of NFT’s being minted I can add on a certain fee. This will take some finessing but let’s get that MVP shipped.

Hmm I’m free on Friday maybe I’ll see if I can ship a prototype of this.

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