Going Full Time Web3

So in January of this year I started trying to learn more about the Web3 space. I messed around with some solidity and and generally did some reading and lurking, just checking out what other people are doing. I started off just trying to really learn the solidity language but didn’t do much else on that front. As the year went on I started seeing some content from Nader Dabit on web3 and that pushed me to start diving into thing a little bit more.

The whole space was really cool, I loved the concept of a new creator economy. As a former musician (I know I’ve complained about this a lot but I’m still salty) I remember paying way more to keep my music on platforms like Spotify and Itunes than I actually earned from several thousands of plays.

The more I started trying out different things like buying more Eth and then trying to stake it and doing the same for Solana and then minting my first NFT the more I just fell down the web3 rabbit hole. This pun is going to be super fun in a second.

I decided to go all in on web3 in a way that I knew would work for me - I would learn and then teach others what I learned to further solidify the concepts I was taking in. To keep myself accountable I joined one of Joe Previte’s accountability groups. This was definitely a great choice! I was learning web3 concepts alongside a couple other folks and was able to ask questions to people more experienced in the field like Miguel Piedrafita. The group shared a bunch of resources as we learned together and I decided to participate in a hack weekend (Farza hates when we call it a course) on Buildspace. I highly recommend doing any of those hack weekends when they come up, its a project based way of learning web3. Also I think I’m the only one who calls it a hack weekend?

Doing this project on Buildspace inspired me to move in on creating more content in the web3 space. I wrote about interacting with the Ethereum blockchain with React, and started sharing more of my journey on the web. I admittedly had some projects that I haven’t taken further but hope to revisit like my 30 second solidity lessons. And my web3 podcast SideChain. I’ve been spending most of my time doing various project work, live talks and workshops, and working on a full length course on slip.so all about the fundamentals of building on Ethereum. I was super inspired by Samina Codes and the way she was constantly sharing everything she was learning in the web3 space and that pushed me into doing a lot of this work. She is definitely someone to follow if you are new to the web3 space!

It’s a lot of stuff, I had made a goal that I wanted to move into the web3 space by the end of the year. I was networking on twitter following people and sharing when all of a sudden a dope company called RabbitHole tweeted that they were hiring. See where the pun is coming back into play now? I decided to shoot my shot and apply and realized oh! Someone I had been in one of Joe’s accountability groups already worked there and we chatted with him helping me out in getting an interview. He’s a cool dude, you should go follow Ryan!

Did a couple interviews and some contract work with them and now I’m happy to say that I’m going to be going full time in web3 as a Frontend Engineer at Rabbithole.gg! A dope place where you can learn about new and emerging tech in the web3 space and earn some crypto and cool NFT’s as you learn!

I’m hoping that if you’re reading this and wanting to get into the web3 space then maybe part of my journey and the resources I shared can help you out. I’m also happy to help in any way I can, theres a lot of room in this space and its just getting started! You can always hit me up on Twitter anytime!

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