Announcing Rated Labs’ seed round

London Sep. 8th, 2022 – Today we are in the privileged position to announce that Rated Labs, the company behind Rated, has raised a $2.5 million seed round to accelerate its mission for greater transparency and rich context in Web3 infrastructure data.

The financing round was led by 1confirmation, closely followed by Semantic and Placeholder and tied up with participation from, Decentral Park Capital, and a strong roster of angels from the Web3 infrastructure space.

We believe that there is a valuable data layer to unearth and contextualize in what bubbles up to reputation for nodes and their operators. That very data layer is the missing piece that will enable a host of new products, as well as increased transparency and accountability for Web3 infrastructure sets, and thereby the industry as a whole. 

Rated is currently in v0, and is offering a network explorer for Ethereum Beacon Chain and Prater validators and validator operators, where users can browse for the various entities that make up the set and compare and contrast their performance at a granular level. Rated is also supporting an API that allows application developers to integrate contextual data on validators and validator operators, into their workflows and products downstream of Rated–currently being utilized by the likes of Lido, Nexus Mutual, Kiln and a series of other node operators of all sizes and applications that relate to Ethereum infrastructure. 

In the coming weeks, we will be unveiling Rated v1–a reskinned and much more powerful network operator explorer and API combination, as well as a set of resources that shed more light on our product suite, rating methodologies, research and downstream integrations. 

About Rated 

Rated was founded in 2022, by Elias Simos and Aris Koliopoulos. Elias was previously a Protocol Specialist at Coinbase (via the Bison Trails acquisition), while Aris spent the last 5 years building out social media and content platforms for tens of millions of users at Drivetribe.

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