Capsid: The 1st Marketplace for Non-Fungible Rights

What if, the character on your NFT appears in movies, animes, books, merch, games, memes and becomes well-known as Pikachu does.

A JPEG, or an NFT?

NFTs gained explosive popularity. In 2022, OpenSea has over 1 million active users, with over 80 million NFTs available for trade and over $2 billion trading volume registered. Near-excessive supply, coupled with limited utility, is going to inflate NFT value and diminish the possibility of massive adoption.

Capsid aims to build a sustainable NFT ecosystem through commercialization. Here we introduce the 1st Marketplace for a new asset class, Non-Fungible Rights. Users are able to buy, sell and mint the rights to use NFTs, including but not limited to collabs, derivatives, merch, renting and membership.

Non-Fungible Rights (NFR)

  • An NFR is derived from an NFT. It is a proof of right to use the NFT in certain ways. Creating derivative works & merch of the NFT art, renting to get access to a token-gated community, 3D-lizing into game avatars, reproducing digital copies for online marketing, etc.
  • An NFR generates cashflow. Rent, IP licensing royalty, derived NFTs sales split, etc. Meanwhile the community is authorized to develop and monetize NFT derivatives and/or services.
  • An NFR is tradable. An NFR implements ERC721 or ERC1155 hence as composable and interoperable as NFTs.
  • No need to stake NFTs to make NFRs.

Join the party

NFT owners list NFRs on the marketplace. Projects acquire NFRs to authorize the work. Capsid matches the deal, splits the revenue and handles the rest.

Pre-register at our website if you are interested. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

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