Update:RPD is deployed on Harmony testnet
May 30th, 2022

The cooperation between RPD (Real Player DAO) and Harmony has finally come to a real achievement.

After a month public test, the RPO platform, which is the first task platform of Gamefi, has been successfully deployed on the testnet of Harmony.

As a longterm supporter of Harmony, I have put Harmony high on the list of priority as to the development of RPD. The outstanding performance of Harmony has made it one of the best eco-system for Gamefi and Metaverse. In the past year, Harmony has proven that to the community through several successful Gamefi projects.

Due to the previous working experience, our Dev team decided to deploy the testnet of RPO on BSC testnet. After a month test, our RPO platform turned out to be succesfful. Within one month, users of RPO exceeded 24000, which made RPO the biggest entrance of Gamefi potentially.

After a continuous development, we are so thrilled to announce that RPO as the first task platform of Gamefi, has finally joined the Harmony Metaverse ecosystem.

As the grant holder, RPD has always appreciated the support from Harmony at the very early stage. For developers, Harmony has offered a great help.

By launching on Harmony, even though it is still at the test stage, RPO could offer additional support for the Gamefi projects run on Harmony already.

By an active development within last five months, RPD have been the most active guild in China. Meanwhile, RPD is not limited to China. Since May, RPD have started promotion in Turkey and will start in Africa from June. From the community perspective, RPD could help games onboard real players from the beginning as well as in the long term.

Moreover, RPO could help distribute in-game assets to players precisely. Receiving rewards from games, players would have sufficient motivation to join the game and help promote it on the social media.

To conclude, RPD could play an important role in the Harmony's Metaverse ecosystem.

More links about RPD:

Website: https://realplayer.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/realplayerdao

Discord: https://discord.gg/rpd

Telegram: https://t.me/realplayerdao

RPO(the first task platform of Gamefi): https://rpo.realplayer.io/#/mission/index

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