Ten Reasons to Mint RPD Pass

1/ RPD (Real Player DAO), one of the more active Gamefi guilds in the world, has gotten support from well-known organizations like Animoca Brands, Momemtum 6, Youbi Capital, and others. To hold the RPD Pass and benefit from the RPD's ongoing development.

2/ RPD is dedicated to identifying and assisting potential new games as they become ready for the impending Gamefi 2.0. RPD has currently established close working relationships with a number of new games, including Blast Royale, SuperPower Squad, Epic League, and Angelic. Hold the RPD Pass, share the outcomes of RPD and these games' collaboration, receive industry information in advance, and receive numerous airdrops.

3/ Numerous leading exchanges, including as OKX, X2Y2, Bitmart, Gate.io, etc., have supported RPD Pass.

4/ RPD Pass is referred to as "Gamefi's Golden Shovel," benefiting from the growth of the entire business through research papers, airdrops, etc. We absolutely believe that Gamefi will be the first to escape from the current bear market. With the expansion of the Gamefi industry, the value of the RPD Pass as the shovel will also increase.

5/ RPO, the first mission platform in the Gamefi sector created by RPD, is the most promising traffic portal in the Gamefi sector with close to 30,000 registered users during the two-month public testing phase. Hold RPD Pass and enjoy special rights at RPO platform.

6/ There are 888 RPD Passes, and each costs 0.08eth. The overall size is small compared with other NFT/Gamefi projects.

7/ RPD Pass has gotten a great deal of support from KOLs and communities, mainly in East Asia, Turkey, and Africa.

8/ RPD Pass is not just a PFP. RPD will be built with elements of mystical Asian culture. A variety of Gamefi gameplays will be developed for RPD Pass with cooperation with other well-known NFT/Gamefi projects.

9/ RPD is growing fast with positive news about funding, game cooperation, listing, IDO/IEO, etc. in the future. These development will also serve as the impetus for RPD Pass.

10/ RPD has planned several promotional activities for this MINT, including but not limited to new token airdrops, cash awards, etc.

More about RPD:

Website: https://realplayer.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/realplayerdao

Discord: https://discord.gg/rpd

Telegram: https://t.me/realplayerdao

RPO(the first task platform of Gamefi): https://rpo.realplayer.io/#/mission/index

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