Important!How to MINT RPD Pass
July 3rd, 2022

1/ There are 888 RPD Pass in the initial batch, priced at 0.08 eth each.

2/ A number of leading exchanges, including OKX, X2Y2, Bitmart, and, support the MINT of RPD Pass.

3/ This MINT will be carried out in two batches and via several channels.

4/ For the whitelist winners, MINT will be available on July 8th at 20:00 (UTC+8) with a total of 200 RPD Pass. There are currently more than 300 whitelist winners; therefore, Whitelist winners should MINT asap. The list of whitelist winners will be released soon.

5/ On July 8th, at 22:00 (UTC+8), Open MINT will begin. 688 NFTs will be distributed over a number of marketplaces, including 288 at OKX, 200 at Bitmart, 100 at, and the final 100 RPD Pass at the RPD's NFT channel (

6/ Soon after the MINT, RPD Pass will be traded on Opensea, X2Y2, OKX, Bitmart,, and other martketplaces.

To conclude, RPD Pass is scarce and has the potential to prosper during the current bear market.

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