What is Real Player Offering V1
February 7th, 2022


In short, Real Players Offering (RPO) is a launchpad, an entrance for guild members of LGG to enter the Metaverse age and play games.

Currenly, there are a lot of IDO launchpads. Even in the gamefi industry, there are DAO Maker, Gamefi, Red Kite, Gamestarter, etc.. LGG does not want to join in such a fierce competition.

RPO is special. There would be several fundamental differences between RPO and other launchpads.

First, unlike most launchpad offering governance token, RPO would mainly offer in-game token, i.e. the utility token. We have observed a trend that more and more gamefi projects have designed tokenomics with a dual or multi pass. A typical dual token system would include a governance token and an in-game token.

Those tokens has been designed with many scenarios. But basically, governance token conveys most value of the game, essentially governance and trading. Meanwhile, in-game token is mainly the utility token, which is designed to be used by players in the game.

Meanwhile, there is a trend that gamefi projects are trying to depress the fluctuation of the in-game token to extend the life cycle. At least, they want to encourage players use those tokens rather than just trade them.

For those gamefi projects, they want real players more than traders.


Who are real players?

This is a question leading to no accurate answer. In the real life or the Web 2.0 stage, companies can ask users to supply their legal identity documents to prove they are real. Some blockchain platforms, like most CEX and launchpads, would also ask for a KYC procedure.

However, for most gamefi which only ask for "connecting wallet" or "register by email", it is almost impossible to identify accurately who are human and who are bots accurately although some bots are traceable.

LGG is against bots. It is not so difficult to invent/buy bots to play a game or organize some full-time employees to handle a huge number of cellphones or accounts. These are common for P2E studios.

But basically, they are dumpers. We can not expect them to be holders. It is a simple business or task for them: earn and sell.

Even for real people who play the game, it is also natural for them to sell. We can not control their market activities.

Then why do we still need to find those real players?

Compared with professional P2E studios, it is more possible to turn real players into token holders and moreover, supporters of the game.

Meanwhile, real players would help spread related information and join the community actively, and eventually raise the community consensus of the game.

This is why gamefi projects or any other project still need to focus on developing a community with real supporters by all means including PR, BD or an attractive CMO.

And this is why guild is a valuable partner of gamefi. Guild can find or recruit real players and organize them to play the game at the early stage which is also the key stage.


The RPO platform is designed to bring real players constantly to gamefi partners of LGG.

But how?

First, we can not ask them do not dump. In fact, for current major launchpads' participants, we can not expect them not to sell as well.

Therefore, RPO platform will not be a launchpad for governance token. RPO is going to offer in-game token to LGG's members. And these tokens are vested. Players should claim on RPO platform daily, weekly or monthly.

And RPO would go beyond the in-game token. Any measure which could encourage players to play the game could be adopted by RPO. It could be in-game NFT, blind box, whitelist, invitation code, etc. RPO would wrap those into NFT and offer to players.

RPO platform is not limited to in-game token. It could do much more to foster all kinds of cooperation between LGG and gamefi projects.

For guild members, the main reason for them to use RPO is that they can get these token (in-game token and NFT) at a much lower cost and an early stage with a better training and updated information from the guild.


The vesting system of in-game token is dynamic. More time they played, more token they would receive as a bonus.

Through the RPO platform, gamefi projects could spread bonus or giveaway to attract new players and sustain old players with the help of LGG.

Moreover,LGG would join and reward those good players with RPO token and many other forms of prize.

Altogether, LGG could know who are good players and more qualified for the coming Metaverse and more importantly, their preference. Those data would help LGG find better gamefi partners.

Big data age!


With the help of RPO platform, LGG could help gamefi projects grow steadily and more important, extend life cycle.

Please join our adventure.

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