RPD: new roadmap, more than a guild
June 3rd, 2022

In brief, RPD(Real Player DAO) is a guild with a strong support from East Asia, Turkiye and Africa. Within a five-month fast development, RPD has been the most potential guild in the world.

Meanwhile, RPD is more than guild. RPD has developed the first task platform of Gamefi: RPO (Real Player Offering).

RPO has been in the public test for a month and has attracted more than 25k users. It is a really amazing start for RPO and RPD.

During such a bearish market, RPD is busy preparing for the upcoming Gamefi 2.0.

We believe in the Gamefi 2.0 which will definitely happen before the next bull trend.

Below is our newest roadmap which is ambitious with confidence.


  1. Expansion of guild from East Asia to Turkiye&Africa , onboarding 3,000 scholars.
  2. Public test of RPO, the first task platform of Gamefi, on BNB testnet and Harmony testnet. The goal of users is 50,000.
  3. Sale of RPD membership NFT, first batch.
  4. Establishment of a comprehensive information service system, including analysis article, video, research report, etc.
  5. Launch of token loan service among members of RPO.


  1. Private round and public sale of RPO token.
  2. Listing of RPO at leading CEX&DEX.
  3. Launch of RPO on Ethereum, BNB, Harmony, Polygon and Solana with a target of 200,000 users.
  4. Guild promotion, onboarding 10,000 scholars.
  5. Launch of on-chain DAO governace system.
  6. First IDO on RPO platform.
  7. Launch of NFT rental protocol.


  1. A significant increase of Gamefi partners on different chains.
  2. More IDO and more tasks on RPO, with a target of 400,000 users.
  3. Localization of guild in Turkiye&Africa, onboarding 30,000 scholars.
  4. Sale of RPD membership NFT, second & third batch.

More links about RPD:

Website: https://realplayer.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/realplayerdao

Discord: https://discord.gg/rpd

Telegram: https://t.me/realplayerdao

RPO(the first task platform of Gamefi): https://rpo.realplayer.io/#/mission/index

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