What is RPOT?
May 1st, 2022

During the public test, we will issue test token on BSC testnet: RPOT.

The test token has no trading value; however, we have designed important utility for the test token.

On our RPO platform, users need to connect wallet and be our members. We have set a membership level to encourage members to be more active.

We will set a level requirement for different tasks. Most tasks are open to everyone with level 0. Meanwhile, some tasks with better reward or rare prize would be open to members with high levels.

Here comes a question: how to upgrade the membership level?

During the public test, the most important way to to stake more test token. More token staked, higher levels to be reached. And to finish tasks on RPO platform is the most convenient way to get the test token.

The second way to upgrade is to stake the RPD Pass NFT. To stake to the RPD NFT could speed up the upgrade. However, it would only happen after the mainnet is launched on Ethereum since our NFT is deployed on Ethereum.

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