Valhalla& LGG AMA: 在链游中探索北欧海盗的神话世界
February 1st, 2022

1.Tell us, please, about yourself and your team?

Valhalla: Hello, everyone! Мy name is Sergey, I'm 42 years old, and I'm the CEO of the Valhalla and HWC Studio project with experience in game-dev since 2000.

I started as a system administrator, then I began to code myself and later gathered a team of specialists to produce my own projects. Now, talking about our team, HWC Studio is a team of developers with years of experience in the web and gaming industries. Our CTO and I have always wanted to create an exciting and good-quality game.

Seeing the potential of NFTs, we recently added blockchain technologies to our development kit, thus making Valhalla Land! The creation of this game was initially financed only with our very own money, but at the stage of MVP, we started cooperating with A2DAO and got into their accelerator.

Our team consists of 14 people in the core team and 6 people in outsourced positions, mostly graphic designers.All of them have been involved in game development to a greater or lesser degree and have experience in blockchain.

大家好,我是Sergey,今年42岁,是Valhalla项目和HWC Studio 的CEO,从2000年在游戏开发领域有着非常丰富的经验。


看到了NFT的潜力,最近我们在开发工具包内增加了区块链技术,因此我们制作了Valhalla Land。这个游戏的创作起初完全是由我们自有资金进行投资的,但在MVP阶段,我们和A2DAO合作并进入到他们的加速器。 我们的团队包含核心团队14人,外包6人(大部分是平面设计师)。他们都或多或少的参与过游戏开发,并且有区块链相关的经验。

2.There are a lot of nft games on the market right now. What distinguishes Valhalla from its competitors?

Valhalla: Indeed, the market is overflowing with P2E games, but there aren't many interesting games in terms of gameplay, economy and Earn component at the moment. Valhalla will have interesting gameplay and a unique economy that will make the game attractive in terms of earning money. 

Also, the game will generate income even in a bear market. Hopefully it won't be soon, but if it comes, you can see for yourself. 

确实,市场上有很多P2E游戏,但目前在玩法、经济模型和奖励方面有趣的游戏并不多。 Valhalla 有有趣的游戏玩法和独特的经济模型,这将使游戏在赚取部分更具吸引力。


3.How is Valhalla's token economic model designed, how to motivate users to hold tokens for a long time, and what are the application scenarios of tokens?

Valhalla: Our team studied the experience of p2e games that failed. We made a lot of interesting conclusions and applied our experience to the Valhalla economy. The economy will be unique - every month for 36 months 1 million tokens will be unlocked from the treasury to reward the most active users. That is, the rewards from the treasury will be impossible to quickly pump out in a month or six months.

Gamers will be interested in playing, as the economy is well thought out and aimed at long-term results. There is one more important feature, but I can't reveal it, so as not to be picked up by competitors.

Stay tuned and you'll soon find out for yourself.

我们的团队研究了很多 P2E游戏的失败案例,我们得出了一些有趣的结论,并将我们的经验应用到Valhalla 的经济模型中。 我们的经济模型将是独一无二的——在 36 个月内,每个月都会从金库中解锁 100 万个代币,以奖励那些最活跃的用户。也就是说,金库的奖励不会在一个月或六个月内迅速抛出。



4.Will it be possible to create a guild in the game? What's the benefit of a guild in the game?

Valhalla: Yes, of course, guilds will be available in the game. You will be able to team up with other players and fight against other guilds for territory. The winner will get good bonuses. For large game guilds we have provided the corresponding functionality - the account can be rented for a certain period of time and get profit from it.


5.What game modes will be available in the game?

Valhalla: In Valhalla there will be a lot of game mods - PvP, where you can fight with other players. PvE - fight monsters and get rewards in the form of money, resources and experience. Guilds - team up with other players and fight with other guilds for land ownership. Owning lands will generate additional income.

There will also be unique bosses in the game, but it is impossible to defeat them alone. Therefore you will have to team up with other players to get unique and valuable rewards for defeating the bosses.

在 Valhalla 中会有多种游戏模式:

  • PvP,你可以与其他玩家战斗。
  • PvE - 与怪物战斗并以金钱、资源和经验的形式获得奖励。
    -公会 - 与其他玩家组队并与其他公会争夺土地所有权。拥有土地将产生额外的收入。 - 游戏中也会有很多独特的BOSS,但你单打独斗是不能击败他们的。因此,你需要和其他玩家合作来击败BOSS以获得独特而有价值的奖励。

6.Will the advantage have a high level players? What would be the point of playing for newcomers?

Valhalla: To ensure the interest of all types of players, we have provided several divisions. Each division will include players of certain levels and each division will have its own rewards. In this way, even beginners will be able to compete for fair rewards.


7.What classes  will be in the game? Will they have talents and special skills? Will it be possible to upgrade your character?

Valhalla:There will be five classes in the game. Each class has its own special characteristics, its own skill tree. Moreover, you can change your character's skill build for a specific game situation, such as dealing more damage or being more survivable. The variability will be very high. 游戏将分为五个角色,每个职业都有自己的特点和技能树。 此外,你可以针对特定的游戏情况更改角色的技能构建,例如增加伤害值或提高生存能力。可变性将非常高。

8.Will battles be automated or will I be able to control the battle?

Valhalla:We are now working on interactive battles, so the player will control the flow of the battle from beginning to end, and the outcome will depend on the characters' skills and abilities of the player.
Very soon the participants of the closed testnet will be able to see and try the interactive battles.

9.You could not play as a cleric during the testnet. Tell me more about this character, what's his specialty? 

Valhalla:The Cleric is a support character, but he will make your whole squad stronger. The Cleric cannot be bought in-game like other characters, but only at special nft seals. He can also be obtained as a result of special events. 牧师是一个辅助角色,但他会让你的整个队伍变得更强大。牧师不能像其他角色一样在游戏中被购买,只能在特殊的 nft 中获得,也可以通过参加一些特殊活动来赢取。



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