LGG upgraded to Real Player DAO(RPD)and the first task distribution platform of Metaverse to be launched
March 23rd, 2022

I. About the change of name

Due to the huge success of YGG, many guilds with the name "GG" have sprung up over time. I won't list all of them, you can search for them by yourself.

However, the name itself has no superiority, and the name of LGG is also very easy to remember. I am very grateful to "LGG" for giving the guild a good start. Whenever the words "LGG Awesome" frequently appear in the Discord channels, I am deeply touched.

But there are too many projects with similar names, which to a certain extent weakens the recognition of our guild. At the same time, our product and concepts are different from other guilds.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to use GG, which is abbreviation of Guild Games, to describe us. After a comprehensive discussion, we are going to change the name to Real Player DAO, abbreviated as RPD.

Corresponding renaming work, including website, social media, etc., will be carried out gradually.

II. About the main purpose of RPD

The Real Player DAO is clearly meant to be a DAO of real players.

Our main aim is to find games with good qualities for our real players and to help everyone who got involved in Gamefi.

Why do we keep emphasizing the importance of real players?

Real players are the backbone of any Gamefi community and would play a critical role in the promotion of the game . Moreover, there would be a good chance to transform real players into token holders and the support of the token price.

From a player's perspective, the guild takes more responsibility. As well as helping players choose better quality games,we also provide game introductions, tutorials and strategies to eliminate the information gap. One visible trend in 2022 is the explosion of Gamefi.

We can say with certainty that a large number of games which are both playable and profitable will be launched soon in the future. In the face of the numerous games that are about to be launched, how to obtain relatively objective information in the most convenient way will be a difficult problem for all Gamefi supporters. This is the main task of the RPD.

At the same time, we will further improve the organisation of players and enhance the game experience through the re-organisation of the teams to avoid the dilemma of individual combat.

In addition, RPD will also work with asset rental protocols to lend NFT or token to team members at zero interest or low cost, reducing the cost and risk of playing the game for guild members.

In the face of the upcoming Gamefi tide, guild and players stand together to participate and benefit from each other.

III. About our product

Real Player Offering (RPO) is a product that we are working on. We initially develop RPO as a launchpad to distribute in-game tokens and NFT to real players in the guild, and is designed to help players get motivated to play the game over a long term.The product is currently in the beta phase.

Now we have a good news: RPO 2.0 is expected to be released in April, which will be a multi-task distribution platform and a portal for the metaverse. The guild and our partners will be able to distribute various rewards to more real players, as well as real contributors through assigning precise tasks. These tasks include tasks in the game and and tasks at the social media and communities.

Whitelist as an example. There was a time when a whitelist for a good project was hard to obtain and the process of distributing whitelist by the project team was opaque, causing a lot of controversy from the community. By working with the RPO platform and setting various tasks, the project team was able to filter out participants who made true contributing to the early dissemination of the project. Although RPO cannot completely eradicate the opacity of the distribution process, it can at least make it possible for players to get more rewards by working more. Through the design of the RPO system, RPD will be the best supporter for the project and the best stepping stone for players to enter the metaverse era.

IV. The future is promising

In 2022, and in the next few years, the metaverse will be presented as an unstoppable trend, and among them, Gamefi will play an important role. As a gaming guild deeply involved in regions including China, Turkey and Africa, RPD will use the first multi task distribution platform in the Gamefi space as an opportunity to become a bridge between players and games to offer service both sides and to keep firmly on our unique position in such a great trend.

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