LGG Captain Summoning Order
February 12th, 2022

LGG's goal is to bring more real players into the metaverse and help them participate in the latest and best gamefi projects.

LGG will help players participate in gamefi with low threshold and risk-free in the form of asset leasing, and obtain relatively stable return with a great potential.

LGG will focus on participating in the construction of the metaverse in the form of team with a high efficiency and executive capacity.

In this procedure, the team captain and players will possess an important role, and they will also be reviewed the most valuable asset by LGG.

Among them, the captain will take on more responsibilities, and get the most rewards from LGG.

Responsibility of the Captain:

1/ Manage the team, organize team members to actively participate in the game together with LGG.

2/ Actively develop team members and keep the team growing.

3/ Develop captains among the team members and help LGG to expand the number of teams.

Reward of the Captain:

1/ Priority to get promotion in LGG and participate in LGG's DAO governance.

2/ Upon the LGG mainnet launch and after, get the reward of the captain's exclusive token.

3/ Join in the private round of LGG. Better the performance, higher the quota.

4/ More benefits from LGG, including project side airdrop tokens, NFT, whitelist, etc.

Welcome onboard! If you are interested being the captain, contact @LGG-Jay#2582 on LGG’s discord server: discord.gg/lgg

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